Saturday Night Timmies Meet

These photos are actually from before the Cars and Coffee meet seen in the last post. They are merely low quality pictures taken with my phone but after looking through the small group of them, I thought I’d post them up anyway.

I was invited to a BBQ on July 4th by Brett of the Calgary Muscle Club (owner of the 800+HP CTS-V). He kindly invited the group to his house where he cooked some burgers for us and we all had a chance to chat and hang out. The plans had initially called for a cruise following dinner but it wasn’t long before strong winds and rain crashed the party and we had to figure out an alternative. Ultimately we decided that with the poor weather we’d hold off on the cruise, and instead we’d go our separate ways and possibly meet up later at the Barlow Tim Horton’s if things improved. Fortunately they did, so later that evening some of us regrouped at the coffee shop’s parking lot.

Even though it was well after 11PM at that point, I picked up a coffee and then headed back to the lot to see what was present. After walking through a couple of rows I spotted Dominic’s Focus so I shot him a message to see where he was and we then wandered around to check out some cars.

Barlow July 4 1

One of the first things to draw our attention was this crazy hot rod.

Barlow July 4 2

Dominic and I had our phones’ flashlights on as we admired the details on this one. The headlights were actually LEDs housed in the large polished bracket.

Barlow July 4 3

The interior looked rather snug, with a narrow seating area and low roof line.

Barlow July 4 4

Even though the photo is poor you can make out the pinstripe that was used to separate the two main colours of the body. The same colour was also used as a time-attack stripe on the front wheels.

Barlow July 4 5

The second real stand-out for us was this Blazer which had seen a serious amount of work, with a modern drivetrain and interior.

Barlow July 4 7

RS badging could be found front and back.

Barlow July 4 8

Because I was using my phone I didn’t go crazy taking pictures but I did grab one of this Supra for good measure. I didn’t stay too long but it was after midnight when I left for home and there were still quite a number of cars and people in the lot at that time. I had never attended one of these meets before (just like Cars and Coffee a few days after this) so I didn’t know what to expect. It was neat to see the different selection of cars and trucks present.

So yes, that’s it for today. This was just a small post to share a few photos but more will be coming tomorrow as I haven’t even gotten to July 8th’s Grey Eagle meet yet. Time to get that entry put together!


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