Grey Eagle – July 15th

With the way Calgary’s weather has been today, I’m not even sure Grey Eagle will be happening tonight. The skies can change so fast here that a clear afternoon isn’t a guarantee of a clear evening.

Not only that, but with Sunday School rapidly approaching I’m currently working through the lengthy to-do list I have to make sure everything is ready for the big day, so even if GE does take place I don’t yet know if I’ll attend. ThreeTwenty is sponsoring Sunday School again, and our group will be larger than last year’s. For the 2014 show we had 16 cars – this time around that number has grown to 25! I am very pleased with the variety of cars that make up the group and am honoured that all of these people wish to join with us and represent ThreeTwenty. Some of the individuals I haven’t even met in person yet but they wanted to come with and show off their cars with the rest of us. Remember to mark your calendars if you haven’t already – Sunday School takes place on August 9th!

If it stays clear tonight and I am able to I’d be happy to check out the meet, but if I can’t, at least I was able to attend Cars & Coffee yesterday. I was able to grab some photos there to share on the blog, and I made sure to grab a number of one car in particular…more on that below. For now, enjoy some shots from last week’s Grey Eagle!

GE July 15 2015 1

GE July 15 2015 2

The Consulier GTP-LX was present and continued to receive confused looks from people as they tried to figure out what it was.

GE July 15 2015 3

Personally, I like it. It’s a unique piece of automotive history and I’ve quickly grown to appreciate its polarizing appearance.

GE July 15 2015 4

GE July 15 2015 5

GE July 15 2015 7

Some supercars were in attendance, such as this R8 and Aventador.

GE July 15 2015 8

I had seen this M235i at a previous GE meet but hadn’t been able to get a decent photo due to crowds. This time around I had the chance to so I took it.

GE July 15 2015 6

GE July 15 2015 9

CY was part-way through applying new side stripes to his Chaser but brought it out and found our little group of cars near the back of the lot. Alex was out once again with his new TL, and since this meet he’s started to personalize it a bit.

GE July 15 2015 10

I noticed that the Chaser still sports one of the original ThreeTwenty decals on its window. Thanks CY!

GE July 15 2015 11

Being a fan of the Lincoln brand and the MKS especially, this example certainly caught my attention. I don’t know who owns it so I couldn’t ask but I’m curious as to how much work was needed to get it sitting that low.

GE July 15 2015 12

GE July 15 2015 13

GE July 15 2015 14

GE July 15 2015 15

This classic GTI was super clean and had ITBs under the hood, sitting within a red engine bay. It sounds Christmas-y, but worked surprisingly well I thought.

GE July 15 2015 16

GE July 15 2015 17

This tidy S2000 had received a supercharger for a bit more power. I wonder how long it’ll be before we see a RHD version show up at a meet?

GE July 15 2015 18

We noticed a few people stopping for a quick burnout as they were leaving the lot. Someone else had apparently had some fun too.

GE July 15 2015 19

GE July 15 2015 21

Pretty much as far as you can get from a sleeper, there was no mistaking this Mustang for anything other than an absolute monster.

GE July 15 2015 20

The turnout wasn’t the biggest we had seen but was still quite impressive and it was another fun night. This is all I have for this meet, but next I’ll be jumping ahead almost a week to that Marda Loop Cars & Coffee from yesterday, which I mentioned at the start. Something rather special arrived and promptly drew quite a crowd…I’m very happy that I decided to attend and was able to see it.

LaFerrari 2


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