I have been fortunate to see many incredible vehicles at our local shows and events, but I had never seen a single car be surrounded by so many cameras, so fast.

A couple of weeks ago I attended the Marda Loop Cars & Coffee for the first time. I had mentioned in the post I put up about it that I had heard a LaFerrari showed up to one of the gatherings – that was enough motivation to go and check them out for myself. All three of the new hypercars (LaFerrari, P1, 918) are incredible of course but the LaFerrari remains my favourite. I was hoping that at some point during the summer it would return so that I could see it in person, and this week it did!

My friend Sonny and I were chatting and watching as more cars entered the parking lot later in the evening and then suddenly the instantly recognizable nose came into view. Immediately phones and cameras came out and people started rushing over to get a better look and grab some photos. Sonny and I rushed over too of course and I got a little trigger-happy, taking more photos of just the LaFerrari than I had of all of the other cars combined. To see one in person was unbelievable and I don’t know if or when I’ll get to see it again. I suspect there’s a good chance it’ll be at Park and Polish in September but I was not passing up this opportunity.

People have been waiting to see the photos so for today I’m posting just those of the LaFerrari. It may have been the star of the show but the other vehicles on display were still very impressive and I will be sharing photos of them as well because they shouldn’t be overlooked. I even got to see an Audi RS2 which really surprised me!

Check back later this week for the second part of the coverage from this Cars & Coffee. For now though – LaFerrari. Enjoy.

LaFerrari 4

LaFerrari 5

LaFerrari 1

LaFerrari 2

LaFerrari 3

LaFerrari 6

LaFerrari 7

LaFerrari 8

LaFerrari 9

LaFerrari 10

LaFerrari 11

LaFerrari 12

LaFerrari 13

LaFerrari 14

LaFerrari 15

LaFerrari 16

LaFerrari 17

LaFerrari 18

LaFerrari 19

LaFerrari 20

LaFerrari 21

LaFerrari 22


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