Grey Eagle – July 29th

Yesterday was supposed to be the weekly Cars and Coffee but Calgary was hit with a major storm so that didn’t happen. It was hailing in areas and heavy rain was even causing some roads to flood. I was lucky and was able to make it from my work to my house during a slight break in the weather so the Focus sustained no damage. I was definitely nervous taking the car through the storm with one of the biggest shows of the year so close but everything went okay.

On that note – This may be my last post before Sunday School 2015, as with just 4 days until the show it’s now crunch time to get everything ready. I have accepted what will probably be my last order of decals for the show and the Focus is more or less set, short of a detail. Some parts I’m waiting on unfortunately won’t be here in time to be fitted for Sunday, but Quarry Park and Polish is coming up so I’m expecting/hoping to have them installed for that instead. It’ll be nice to see the Focus change a little more before the end of the season.

As I have mentioned before there are 25 vehicles planning to attend as part of ThreeTwenty’s group on Sunday and I’m purposely going to keep the list a secret until the show. Some cars will be expected but there are some which surprised even me, because I didn’t expect to get such a variety. To see the support from everyone who volunteered to join the group is incredible – I had initially set my limit at 20 because I didn’t want too big of a group but I had to raise that to 25 with the number of people who wanted to come with. In contrast, the first year I attended (2012), the “group” was Derrick and myself with three cars – his Camaro, and my Focus and Grand Prix. It has grown a little bit…

Moving on to today’s post now, as promised I have some photos from last week’s Grey Eagle. Enjoy!

GE July 29 2015 23

GE July 29 2015 2

GE July 29 2015 3

Seeing Dustin’s R/C car reminded me that I have a Focus shell for my own car (which Shane kindly brought back from Edmonton for me) that is still in the packaging. I should grab some paint and open it up.

GE July 29 2015 5

GE July 29 2015 6

I don’t believe this bus stuck around for long so I’m glad I got a shot of it at the start.

GE July 29 2015 7

Not far from the little bus was the appropriately named Goliath. Check the decal on the door!

GE July 29 2015 8

GE July 29 2015 9

I like to see what personalized plates owners come up with and there are usually some pretty good ones, like this Corvette’s.

GE July 29 2015 10

Yo Dawg, we heard you like Corvettes, so we put a Corvette on your Corvette…this was actually really cool. The Corvette trailer housed a bench seat so that people could sit down and relax.

GE July 29 2015 11

GE July 29 2015 12

This Charger was a stand-out for me.

GE July 29 2015 14

I’m pretty sure it’s on air, as I saw it later in the evening and could have sworn it was sitting higher. Side note – I quite like this photo because of the expression on the gentleman on the left, as he checks out the Charger. I saw this one turning a lot of heads.

GE July 29 2015 15

A few rat rods were present, receiving mixed reactions from spectators. Personally, I think they’re awesome.

GE July 29 2015 16

Somehow, I don’t think “2LITRE” would be as impressive. #milkjug

GE July 29 2015 17

The always instantly-recognizable Consulier was present again. I like it more each time I see it.

GE July 29 2015 1

GE July 29 2015 18

And to think, new Corvettes have almost twice as many gears in their manual ‘boxes. The Fast and Furious cars were ahead of their time with all of their gears.

GE July 29 2015 19

I made sure to grab a photo of this Celica as I really like this generation but it seems that not many are modified these days. I still think they’re good-looking cars.

GE July 29 2015 20

GE July 29 2015 21

GE July 29 2015 22

Yes, it’s a Nerds on Site car. Yes, it’s an Abarth. That’s a win.

GE July 29 2015 13

GE July 29 2015 24

So David’s R34 has been seen 3 times now; What can I say, it looks good!

GE July 29 2015 25

GE July 29 2015 26

Here’s one for the Raptor fans out there (Hi Mario!).

GE July 29 2015 27

And lastly, Marshall’s little MX-5 hiding in the shade.

That’s it for today folks. Just in case I don’t get to put another post up before then I’ll say it now – see you at Sunday School! I can’t wait!


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