Sunday School 2015 – Part 3

Today we carry on with the Sunday School photos, with part 3 of the coverage!

iMSS 2015 13

Before I start though I want to provide a link for those who haven’t seen it yet – over on ill.motion now are more of my photos, which make up part 2 of iM’s coverage of the show. Click the link below to check that out, and if you haven’t yet be sure to view the other posts as well!

iM Sunday School 2015 55

Partway through the show I decided to wander up the hill a bit for a better view of the venue. This is just about all of the show; as you can see quite a number of cars filled the lot. Space seems to have become an issue with how fast the show sells out but there’s no denying that this remains a great location. The downtown skyline makes a great backdrop for photos, and after the show ended many people moved their cars over to the back row to grab some shots.

iM Sunday School 2015 56

Once back down off the hill, I made my way over to ill.motion’s group of cars to carry on with the photos. Corey’s S2000 started off the row.

iM Sunday School 2015 57

iM Sunday School 2015 58

Punit’s GS really has been transformed this year with the new lip kit and refinished wheels.

iM Sunday School 2015 59

iM Sunday School 2015 60

iM Sunday School 2015 61

Aldrich’s S6 no longer has to worry about winter with the recent acquisition of his CR-V – which not surprisingly is already modified too. The wagon sits on Don’s old LE37s now which really suit it well.

iM Sunday School 2015 62

Jason seems to be itching to change-up his FR-S so I’m excited to see where it goes from here. I sense a GT wing coming.

iM Sunday School 2015 63

The always evil-looking Porsche Grey Black S2000 finished off this row. Side note – Grey Black is officially one of my favourite OEM colours. Ever.

iM Sunday School 2015 64

iM Sunday School 2015 65

iM Sunday School 2015 66

It was good to see Brad’s supercharged, K-swapped SiR out.

iM Sunday School 2015 67

Along with his silver Integra seen beside Brad’s Civic (last photo), Alex also had his TL and S2000 at the show. Still really liking the ZE40s…

iM Sunday School 2015 68

Clean and tidy with a touch of CF from the Mugen intake.

iM Sunday School 2015 69

Corey and Ryan had team AP2, and apparently over here was team AP1. Next in line was Justin’s on TEs.

iM Sunday School 2015 70

After that was Aldo’s S2000, looking clean as always. The rear flares are a great addition.

iM Sunday School 2015 71

Instead of adding to the Ap1 population and bringing his Amuse S2000 like he did last year, Errol had his RSX instead.

iM Sunday School 2015 72

I am still a fan of the two-tone look achieved by having the engine bay painted a different colour. I thought this S14 pulled it off rather well.

iM Sunday School 2015 73

iM Sunday School 2015 74

Along with the green Rocket Bunny FD seen at the start (from our group), there was also the black example that I had seen at Driven earlier this year. I see that since then, the wheels’ centers have been refinished as they were gold previously.

iM Sunday School 2015 75

This S14 was ridiculous – in a good way. Check out the height of the wing!

iM Sunday School 2015 76

This 240, which has been seen at GE previously, was #uptonohood (that’s what the decal in front of the radiator reads) and showing off its super clean LS swap.

iM Sunday School 2015 77

iM Sunday School 2015 78

Last but not least, the always-recognizable Consulier. I have no idea who owns it as I’ve never seen who it is that drives it, but it’s certainly had a busy year so far making appearances at meets and shows! It had to be one of the rarest vehicles – if not the rarest – at Sunday School but the owner doesn’t seem to be afraid to drive it around.

That’s it for today, but more is coming! I still have a couple more posts for Sunday School in the works so stay tuned!


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