Sunday School 2015 – Part 4

Part 4 today will be my final show coverage before getting to the group of cars representing ThreeTwenty, which as promised will conclude this series of posts. Before I begin with the photos today though, I want to share the amazing news that the 2015 edition of Sunday School set a record for the amount of money raised! All said and done, $5500 will be going to the Calgary Humane Society! Great weather, great cars, and all of it benefits the Humane Society in the end. Well done everyone!

iM Sunday School 2015 79

Today’s post starts off with the red on red WRX from Legit.Society. Every time I see someone with white lettering on their tires, I wonder if I should give it a try.

iM Sunday School 2015 80

Also from Legit.Society was the black and white Camaro, which has made the trek out to Sunday School before. I don’t know if it’s static or not but for the sake of the splitter I hope it has bags. Haha.

iM Sunday School 2015 81

This IS300 was pretty tidy.

iM Sunday School 2015 82

A nice R32 with some seriously wide rear overfenders. I like that the headlights have blue housings to match the engine bay.

iM Sunday School 2015 83

Next to that was a winking RX7 which also had some blue accents. If you look closer you’ll notice the lack of a rotary too.

iM Sunday School 2015 84

My personal favourite of the trio was probably the Supra though.

iM Sunday School 2015 101

Boost had me like “I want that”.

iM Sunday School 2015 85

With these three iconic Japanese sports cars together, all in white, I had to get a shot of the trio. In fact, I also have one taken from the back, up on ill.motion. It was too good of an opportunity to pass up.

iM Sunday School 2015 86

iM Sunday School 2015 87

I’ve been following the progress on Josh’s FR-S and it’s coming along nicely. The ARC intake is probably my favourite part on it as I’ve always really liked them. Check out the Valenti headlights too.

iM Sunday School 2015 88

iM Sunday School 2015 89

I first ran into this old 3 series at the Edmonton season opener this year, but unfortunately my photos of it didn’t turn out all that well since it was getting dark when I took them. When I stumbled across it at Sunday School I made sure I took a couple to make up for that.

iM Sunday School 2015 104

Hoodless, V8 swapped, roughly a million tree air fresheners and zipties, and more. I could see it being a lot of fun to mess around with though.

iM Sunday School 2015 90

This really clean S15 was next to the pair of silver R34s seen earlier in the coverage (part 2 for those wondering).

iM Sunday School 2015 91

Bringing a lifted truck to a show that will primarily consist of lowered cars? Stand out more by running it through mud first! Haha. This made sense though. This ‘look’ kind of suits the truck more, I think.

iM Sunday School 2015 92

Definitely one of the loudest vehicles at the show – possibly THE loudest – was this G35 which showed up a little later and was part of the Haute AG group. This really turned a lot of heads upon its arrival as people tried to figure out where the racket was coming from.

iM Sunday School 2015 94

iM Sunday School 2015 95

Since I was walking around with my telephoto on I decided to grab a few more shots of the cars from Vancouver. These were among my favourite vehicles at the show because of the number of high-end parts they had and their overall style.

iM Sunday School 2015 96

iM Sunday School 2015 97

iM Sunday School 2015 98

Reggie’s FR-S has a small intercooler peeking out from behind the Varis bumper now that it’s turbocharged.

iM Sunday School 2015 99

The colour-coded Voltex wing on this BRZ was a nice touch. Overall, this whole car looks – to me – like something that Subaru would offer as a more track day-focused version of the BRZ.

iM Sunday School 2015 100

Cooper was out for a walk around the venue and came by our tents so I was able to grab this snapshot. Such a cute little guy!

iM Sunday School 2015 102

iM Sunday School 2015 103

This Spoon S2000, which was at Jackie’s BBQ, wasn’t even part of the show. I wandered up to the parking lot with Scott to check out his Evo’s new exhaust (which is crazy loud by the way) and naturally it was filled with a number of modified vehicles – this just happened to be right next to him so I took the photo.

iM Sunday School 2015 108

iM Sunday School 2015 109

Since I still have a couple of Rocket Bunny FR-S model kits on my workbench I made sure to grab lots of shots of Reggie’s car. Nothing beats seeing a car in person for making notes and getting reference material.

iM Sunday School 2015 105

Like last year, for this show ThreeTwenty sponsored the Honour Roll trophies and I was extremely impressed by them; this was the first time I had seen them in person and they were truly beautiful.

iM Sunday School 2015 106

I’m thankful for having the opportunity once again to sponsor these and was proud to be able to help out with the show.

iM Sunday School 2015 107

Now there’s just one part of the coverage left, with our own group. After the show ended a few of us stuck around to take some photos in the empty lot so I’ll be putting together a small post with some of those as well for later on. Hopefully you all have enjoyed the coverage thus far!

And lastly, before signing off today, I want to offer the reminder that there’s a Grey Eagle meet tonight! They had been canceled the last couple of weeks as the casino needed the parking lot for events but now they can offer us the room again. Tonight’s is also the second-last official GE meet of the year (yes, already!) so I will definitely be there to partake. Some of us are planning on a Focus meet at next week’s while we still have the chance to go, and are hoping we can get a number of Foci out for that.


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