Sunday School 2015 – Part 5

Here it is – the final installment of coverage from Sunday School 2015!

As I’ve mentioned before, each year our group grows and for this show we had 21 cars in attendance. We wound up receiving an entire row in the venue for our group and once again it was in a great location. When I was directed to the area the day of the show I was very pleased with it and 21 seemed to be the perfect number of cars to fit into it. We had ample room for our tents (makeshift lounge) while not crowding the vehicles and parking them all was quick and easy.

The majority of the vehicles were ones from Calgary and ones that have been seen on the site before, but there were some new cars as well. Adding to our numbers this year was a group of seven vehicles from Saskatchewan, belonging to Brooks and his friends. It was by random chance that I met Brooks and his girlfriend Lindsay earlier this year; we were all in Edmonton to attend the season opener and happened to be staying at the same hotel. They arrived just after I did and we wound up getting to talking and have kept in touch since. I extended an invite to him to join us for Sunday School, and shortly after he mentioned he had some friends who would be interested in joining as well. I really appreciate the work he did on his end to relay information between us all and coordinate the group, and in no time I found the number of cars exceeding my initial goal of 20 (with 25 planned in the end).

Having that many cars for our group really was something I was very proud of, and excited to see come together the day of the show. All of these people chose to join the group and help represent the blog and I do appreciate it. As we were setting up, a number of people asked me how many cars we had and when I’d point to the long row and say “all of these” the reactions were of real surprise.

As it always does, Sunday School seemed to really fly by and before I knew it we were approaching the end of the show. I didn’t get as much time as I would have liked to run into and talk to everyone in our group – however some even left for a while anyway, haha – but thank you all again for coming with and bringing out your cars.

That’s probably enough pre-amble by now though, as I know people clicked on this to see the photos. So let’s get to them!

iM Sunday School 2015 110

Things went pretty smoothly with parking and getting the cars ready. People started grouping by vehicle makes so we stuck with that for the rest of our row. Alex took over decal duty, handing out the commemorative decals to all of the cars while I coordinated with those who were still coming and directed those arriving to their stalls. I believe Don went and helped with one of the tents and Kyle had his team from Schulich Racing getting their setup together.

iM Sunday School 2015 111

We put the Foci at the ‘start’ of the line – that is, the end closer to illmotion’s tents – with Mario up first. On display on his dash were a copy of the magazine we’re in, the spec list on his car, and the Best in Show trophy from Driven. As if that wasn’t enough though, he had one more new addition which you may have spotted in the photos above.

iM Sunday School 2015 112

If you recall, at the start of the Sunday School coverage I had mentioned that a few HIN trophies could be seen at Max Bell, as that show had taken place just the day before. I also mentioned that because the trophies weren’t labeled I couldn’t state who had won what, except for one vehicle. That vehicle would be this one – Mario’s ST took home Best Domestic! Last year he had a stuffed TED poking out of the sunroof, but this time around the trophy took that spot. Congratulations again Mario!

iM Sunday School 2015 113

Brandon joined us once again with Le Yeti – part of both Team Condiments and the White Wheel Crew. With his new Yeti center cap decals, at every show or meet we go to we now can’t help but check to see how many are right-side up when he parks.

iM Sunday School 2015 114

My sedan. Everyone had better know this car by now, haha. Moving on…

iM Sunday School 2015 115

The lone VW was Captain Slow, Don’s Mk6 Golf R. Last year it was static but he has since made the switch to air. As well, his LE37s (which are on Aldrich’s S6 now) were replaced with OEM Audi rolling stock. I had offered my suggestion that for the show he should fit his roof box and fill it with drinks and ice again – as was done last year – but in the end we went with a more traditional cooler.

iM Sunday School 2015 116

Yolanda and Keith brought their Mazda 3s to the show and were next in line. Yolanda’s new updates were some spats on the rear bumper and additional LED lighting, in blue of course.

iM Sunday School 2015 117

Keith’s 3 goes with the Stormtrooper look outside with some subtle blue accents under the hood, such as the LED lighting.

iM Sunday School 2015 118

Shane joined the party again with his boosted Integra, which he admitted has been a little overlooked this year…due to grown up things like buying a house and getting married! He and Emma actually just got married last weekend so a big congratulations goes out to the two of them!

iM Sunday School 2015 119

Alex joined with his new TL, which was looking all clean and shiny after a recent polish.

iM Sunday School 2015 121

Plans are still forming for the car (and the shopping list is growing) but Alex did swap in his custom-painted and cleared tail lights which he saved from his previous TL. I even picked up some supplies this week for what will probably be the next project on this car…

iM Sunday School 2015 123

Dave’s RSX sits much, much lower than last year thanks to coilovers. It now has a front lip as well but it was off at the time of the show.

iM Sunday School 2015 124

Derrick’s Camaro was showing off a different look, having received a few new parts since its last showing at Driven earlier in the year. Up front is a new SS bumper and a splitter, with ZL1 side skirts as well. The wheels are the same ones he had before, but silver once again instead of black.

iM Sunday School 2015 125

Brooks’ Evo started off the Saskatchewan group – I have never been to Saskatchewan for any kind of car event and can’t say I’m too familiar with the ‘scene’ over there, but if these vehicles are anything to go by it should be pretty impressive. Brooks’ Evo 8 features a full wrap (it’s red underneath), AIT racing widebody, and Advans. The following cars up to and including the RX-7 were all from Saskatchewan.

iM Sunday School 2015 126

Next to Brooks was a yellow wrapped Evo X belonging to Brandon. I can be on the fence about yellow Evo Xs (Say what? Bill doesn’t prefer every car in yellow?!) but this one works well – especially with the black roof.

iM Sunday School 2015 127

Another wrapped Evo X – this time in matte blue – belonging to Matt. I like the contrast provided by the red decals and valve stems on the TE37SLs. The AMS intercooler and meaty tires add to the aggressive look and are likely signs that it’s no slouch.

iM Sunday School 2015 128

Bryce’s STI manages to combine subtlety with aggression. I really like the contrast of having matte black flares against the gloss black body. It almost lends an OEM+ look to the setup I think. Overall very tasteful and clean.

iM Sunday School 2015 129

Ian’s STI sedan pulled off the black-on-black look well, with the touches of red and the white tire lettering to break it up a little bit. I rather liked the livery splashed on the quarter panels too, some of which can be made out here (comments on livery but doesn’t have straight-on shot to show it. Yeah, I know. Complain in the comment box below).

iM Sunday School 2015 130

The most unique ‘car’ of our group would have to have been the kart from the Schulich Racing team. This was Kyle’s contribution instead of one of his own projects – thanks to him and his team for getting this thing out to the show, and also for bringing a tent.

iM Sunday School 2015 131

As you can see we ended up having two tents which we put side by side to provide ample shelter from the sun. These definitely came in handy during the day and prevented the sunburn contest we usually have afterwards from taking place.

iM Sunday School 2015 132

Jessie Joe’s crazy WRX took home one of the Honour Roll trophies at the end of the day. This thing seemed to be quite the beast with a fairly extensive cage, estimated 400hp/400lb-ft, and a pretty mean-looking matte silver/black colour scheme. Congratulations on the win!

iM Sunday School 2015 133

The final individual coming over from Saskatchewan was Kenton with his green-wrapped Rocket Bunny FD – and for those keeping track, of the seven Saskatchewan cars five were wrapped. Just like the other RB FD this was a RHD model but obviously with a much louder colour. Like Mario’s ST, it too picked up an award at HIN the day prior, which he had sitting inside of the car.

iM Sunday School 2015 134

Nearing the end of the row now, next up was Carter’s 1.5JZ-swapped 240sx. Having an S13, S14, and S15 together was pretty cool I thought and these are really nice examples of each.

iM Sunday School 2015 135

The S14 and S15 of course, belonged to the S-Chassis duo Dustin and Kaylee.

iM Sunday School 2015 136

Midnight Purple suits the S14 body really well, and just check out those reflections in the paint! Kaylee’s car is actually a Zenki car that was converted to the Kouki front end and then repainted.

iM Sunday School 2015 137

I was wondering which wing Dustin would have fitted to his S15 for the show – he has both a shaved OEM wing as well as a park bench – and he ended up going with the more reserved look. The mini version (R/C car) on the dash still had a GT wing though, and the matching Gram Lights.

iM Sunday School 2015 140

At the end of the row now; I know I had said that the cars were grouped by make but there was one odd one out in that regard – my mother’s Thunderbird which was at the opposite end to the Foci. First I wasn’t sure if it’d be coming, then it was later entered in the show but was as a single entry, and then at the last minute when some cars unfortunately had to cancel, the extra space allowed it to be moved over to our row anyway. Long story short, it parked with us.

iM Sunday School 2015 138

I had to get another shot of Mario’s HIN award. We considered Driven, HIN, and Sunday School to be the big 3 shows this year and he ended up taking home awards from two of them. Not bad, not bad at all.

iM Sunday School 2015 141

And with that, Sunday School coverage is complete.

I did mention that I have some extra shots from after the show when some of us hung around, and I will be posting those, but there’s some other stuff I’d like to get to first so I’ll save those for a little down the line. They’re separate from the proper coverage anyway as they were taken as we relaxed and after many had already left. A few of us always hang around after the bulk of the crowd leaves to take some final photos and just chat.

I have quite a number of photos from events following Sunday School as lately it has been a whirlwind of activities, and I’m really looking forward to getting some of them posted up here finally. We may be approaching the end of the car season but it definitely seems to be getting busier! I also have some project updates to share and more coming too. With Sunday School coverage wrapped up, now I can start posting everything else.

A big thank you goes again to everyone who joined the group for helping to make this the biggest and best yet! The diversity of cars and styles made for a really impressive group and to top it next year will take quite a bit of effort I do believe.

iM Sunday School 2015 144

But we’ll try.



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