The Tuesday night Cars and Coffee meets always bring together some amazing vehicles, but occasionally something shows up that makes even 458s, Aventadors, or apparently even a brand new GT3RS get overlooked.  Last month I was lucky enough to encounter a LaFerrari which caused a reaction from the crowd the likes of which I had never seen before. I commented in the post I put up about it that ” I had never seen a single car be surrounded by so many cameras, so fast”.

A couple of weeks ago, I was able to see in person the second of the new hypercar trio when a Porsche 918 arrived! To make it better, Brandon had wanted to see a Cars & Coffee meet first hand so he decided to go on this night and bring the ST. To see a car like the 918 on his first visit was pretty good luck I’d say, and definitely was a good first impression of these meets. Naturally, the crowd’s reaction was similar to when the LaFerrari arrived and in no time the car was surrounded by cameras. Of course, one of them was mine.

The reason I’ve waited a couple of weeks to get these photos up was because I wanted to get through some Sunday School coverage first (and Josè’s feature, since I wanted it to go live on August 23rd) but I decided now was a good time to share them especially since it’s Tuesday and there’s another Cars & Coffee tonight! The next post on the blog will be Sunday School Part 5 though, which is just being finished up now.

I hope you all enjoy! And now, I just need to run into that P1…

918 8

918 5

918 1

918 2

918 3

918 6

918 7

918 9

918 19

918 10

918 11

918 12

918 13

918 14

918 15

918 4

918 16

918 17

918 18

918 20

A quick comment on the last photo here before closing today – a couple of police officers driving by saw the commotion and came into the lot to see what was happening. I overheard someone make a joke about how the 918 and police van had matching colour schemes (red/blue stripes on white) and had a bit of a chuckle about that as I grabbed this photo. Nothing happened following this, rather they were just curious to see what was going on. Even a security guard came by to check out the cars and snap some photos. I don’t know what agreement is in place with the mall in regards to this space being used each week for these meets but it certainly is nice to have this location and I can’t recommend enough coming out to one of these if you haven’t yet.


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