Cars and Coffee – September 1st

I can’t remember the last time we had a proper ‘garage day’ here at The MacKenCo Garage but today we – Alex, Keith, Dominic, and myself – took on the task of wrapping the roof of Alex’s TL in gloss black vinyl, and as always it was a good excuse to just hang out. Since Sunday School the TL has also been lowered so it now looks fairly different to how it did stock, despite the relatively short list of modifications. You’ll be seeing more of it on the blog and will see how it progresses as Alex puts it all together.

Before getting to the post today I also wanted to touch on something that I’m sure is hard to miss – the blog has a new look! This is something that has been on my agenda for a while but I took my time looking into the various themes offered and played around with them to see what I liked and what met my criteria. At last I found one that ticked all of the boxes and decided that tonight was as good a time as any to make the change. Those who read Jason’s blog as well will probably know that he just updated his and yes, seeing it change was motivation to finally get my new layout figured out as well.

It’s currently about 90% complete there in terms of appearance and details so some small changes may still come but for the most part this is how it’ll look. The biggest thing I wanted was a layout which displayed larger photos within the posts, and this offers that. Hopefully you all like it!

Now we move on to today’s post, which is of Cars and Coffee; specifically, the first for the month of September. It was a good one!

Cars and Coffee September 1 2

It was a busy night as a number of special cars – special even by Cars and Coffee standards – were making an appearance.

Cars and Coffee September 1 3

The cars parked within these few stalls ended up being what was probably the most impressive grouping at the meet. The short row started off with this gorgeous F50 and also had a Miura, 300SL, the Martini 918, and a Dino…and one more would soon join them.

Cars and Coffee September 1 1

As nice as the rest of the F50 is, for me this is the best view.

Cars and Coffee September 1 4

So many cars were present that a few supercars even wound up parked in the aisles.

Cars and Coffee September 1 5

Cars and Coffee September 1 6

Not too long after we arrived the LaFerrari joined the party and made its way over to park next to its rival from Porsche.

Cars and Coffee September 1 7

Of course many cameras were already out by this point, including the photobombing phone on the left.

Cars and Coffee September 1 8

Parking a hypercar with just about everyone in the parking lot recording the process…No pressure then!

Cars and Coffee September 1 9

Plenty of people took advantage of the photo opportunity this presented and it took quite a while for the crowd to disperse. This was the first time I had seen two of the hypercar trio together, and it wouldn’t be long before we could finally see all three parked next to each other (P1/LaFerrari/918), but that’s for another post…

Cars and Coffee September 1 10

Cars and Coffee September 1 11

It was at this point I remembered I hadn’t even gotten a photo of the 300SL so I made sure to fix that.

Cars and Coffee September 1 12

A Huracan or two can often be found and this time the black and yellow example was present again along with the grey and red one seen several photos above. As loud as it is, the yellow interior looks amazing and I am definitely a fan.

Cars and Coffee September 1 13

A vent. A door.

Cars and Coffee September 1 14

Alex and I were quite taken by the brand new Alfa 4C we found. Apparently the owner had just picked it up a couple of weeks prior so it really was new.

Cars and Coffee September 1 15

Cars and Coffee September 1 16

Despite all of the super and hyper cars on display, the biggest surprise of the night (for me anyway) was seeing Kyle’s Celica. It had been quite a while since I had last seen it out and about and hadn’t been expecting to come across it any time soon either. It was still sporting its decal from Driven 2013, just like the Focus does!

Cars and Coffee September 1 17

When it comes to the F8x platform I still find myself debating over which I prefer – the new M3 or the M4. Regardless, I think this would be the colour I’d choose.

Cars and Coffee September 1 18

Tonight’s post will close with the Tron Gallardo, which as always was turning a lot of heads. It’s a unique look and I like it.

Looking ahead, Park and Polish coverage will start this week and I will finish up the transition to the new site layout. Again, I hope you all like the look and enjoy the larger photos. I know I sure do! I have already heard feedback from a few people and so far it’s being well-received which is good news.


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