Grey Eagle – August 26th

Being the last official Grey Eagle meet of the year, a number of us Focus owners decided August 26th was a good time to have a meet and so we did just that. Several Mazda owners did the same and our two groups wound up right next to each other in the GE lot. It was cool to see so many Foci together and a good way to mark the end of the official meets for 2015.

As I have said before though, we – and many others – are still going to the Casino on Wednesday nights to meet up as we wish to make the most of the limited time we have left before winter hits.

GE August 26 2015 1

When I arrived Dominic was already parked at the side of the lot so I made my way over and grabbed a spot next to him.

GE August 26 2015 2

Ian was free so he swung by with his Mk1, the V6MISTAKE.

GE August 26 2015 3

Next in line, a Mk1.5 5-door with some Tiffany-ish accents. I rarely see the tri-tone Philippines ill.motion decals on cars so it was cool to come across one here. Those were quite time-consuming to make.

GE august 26 2015 4

Rob left the LS-240 at home and joined the Focus party with his 2014 ST.

GE August 26 2015 5

This was probably the biggest Focus gathering we’d ever arranged and it still grew after this shot.

GE August 26 2015 6

Another Mk1.5 5-door, meeting its much younger 5-door sibling (Rob’s).

GE August 26 2015 7

At this point I wandered over to the Mazda group to check out the cars that arrived for their get-together. First up a red Speed3, with that famous smile.

GE August 26 2015 8

The black Speed6 looked a little less amused.

GE August 26 2015 9

A nice white on white FC RX-7.

GE August 26 2015 10

Naturally Yolanda was at the meet, with her Mazda 3 “Halo”.

GE August 26 2015 11

Last in the line was another Speed3 with a bright blue and green colour combo.

GE August 26 2015 12

Adding to the diversity in the Focus lineup was a white on white Mk1 wagon.

GE August 26 2015 13

Since it was the last official meet, Mario, Derrick, and Kanji all decided to attend and it was the first time this year for each of them (About time you guys showed up! Haha). The car behind Mario here is actually Kanji’s BRZ, which is wearing an FR-S bumper these days as it goes through some updates.

GE August 26 2015 14


GE August 26 2015 15

Once Mario, Kanji, and Derrick had parked we all made our way around the lot to see what was there. Seeing a LHD Supra here is a fairly rare sight to begin with but apparently this one was an original Calgary car. Coming across one that was sold new here was pretty neat.

GE August 26 2015 16

Jacob stopped by as well with his IS, which wears the facelift headlights and TC105Ns. I think we need to schedule a quick shoot for this thing before winter hits.

GE August 26 2015 17

GE August 26 2015 18

I only have an engine bay shot of it here but I do have more of this Mustang from another show – it’s a really nicely done example with some tasteful custom paint and as you can see, a bit of added power.

GE August 26 2015 19

GE August 26 2015 20

I really like the paint scheme on this one – I may have said it before but I’ll say it again; I’m not typically a fan of flames but on some cars they just look right. This is one of them. Carrying the flames and two-tone down to the frames rails was a nice touch.

GE August 26 2015 21

Fun/random fact – some may be aware that the Focus’ nickname is Tiggy. It is in fact named after an old Capri (similar to this one) that my parents used to own that was bright orange and a standard. They called it Tiggy and since my Focus was a similar colour and also a stick, it seemed fitting. Yes – not only did I name my car, I named my car after another car…

GE August 26 2015 22

GE August 26 2015 23

Some bikes were on display and we stopped to check them out, but seeing as how my knowledge of them is just about non-existent I can’t really share much about them.

GE August 26 2015 24

This Miata looked like a fun little package – a look under the hood revealed a turbo kit.

GE August 26 2015 25

GE August 26 2015 27

As usual the Consulier was present at the meet but this time it had some information on display which surely answered a lot of questions that onlookers had.

GE August 26 2015 26

It also highlighted just how rare this vehicle is. I knew there were only around 100 made (83 actually) but I didn’t realize this was the only example in Canada.

GE August 26 2015 28

To wrap up today’s post, let’s go back to where it began, with the Focus meet. Brandon brought out Le Yeti to join the party and complete Team Condiments.

GE August 26 2015 29

And last but not least, this Mk1.5 sedan parked next to Brandon. That’s it for today folks, more soon!


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