Quarry Park and Polish 2015 – Part 2

Part 2 of Park and Polish 2015!

Like I said in Part 1, Park and Polish has traditionally been the last big show I attend each year, but this time around I took part in two more following it. Tree and Shine at Grey Eagle took place a couple of days after and just yesterday I was at the annual Super 8 Show and Shine. It was nice to have a couple more shows on the calendar and I enjoyed both. Now though, I do believe that it’s time to look ahead to the coming winter and get the cars ready for it.

For anyone who hasn’t ready Part 1 (you should!) I had also said that Park and Polish was a substantially smaller show this year and we found ourselves in a somewhat dark parkade – and I was without a tripod. It was still fun despite the change in plans and partway through the day Scott and Alex stopped by to see what was going on so we got to hang out. Regardless of whether it’s inside or outside, the show is for a good cause and attendees can see some cool cars up close. It sounds like a good time to me!

Today’s photos show a few more of the cars as well as the trophies that were handed out at the end of the day; let’s get to it!

QPP 2015 32

Another couple of the Hot Wheels race track to start things off.

QPP 2015 54

When we raced, I picked lane 5 (because it’s yellow, so it’s obviously the best) and even managed to get a Hot Wheels LaFerrari to use. Despite this combination, I somehow lost. Haha.

QPP 2015 33

This beautiful Cayman R was parked next to me for the day. I quickly chatted with the owner as we were cleaning the cars and he mentioned it was his first time attending Park and Polish.

QPP 2015 34

I honestly didn’t realize how much the coverage would focus on the P1 until I was editing the photos. Not sorry. Haha

QPP 2015 35 QPP 2015 36 QPP 2015 38

Before I left the Hypercar area I figured taking one more photo showing the three together wasn’t a bad idea.

QPP 2015 37

Despite the big three being present, this old Shelby didn’t escape my attention or my memory card. I’ve always been a Mustang fan.

QPP 2015 39

Some of the cars present were brought out by dealerships, including this Aventador.

QPP 2015 40

This M4 from the BMW Gallery was showing off a few optional add-ons.

QPP 2015 43

At this point, Scott, Alex and I made our way outside to see what was going on. I had yet to leave the parkade because I had heard that it was fairly quiet outside in the parking lot…and it was.

QPP 2015 44

A few vehicles were parked out in the rain and the BBQ was running but there wasn’t much more than you see in the two photos above. I didn’t venture too far from the tents (like the one I was hiding under here) because it was still raining fairly steadily and I didn’t want my camera getting wet.

We made our way inside the building after this where they had prizes to be given away, and many people were hiding out from the rain while they ate. I put my ticket in for a chance to win driving shoes but sadly, didn’t get them.

QPP 2015 45

After the quick trip upstairs we made our way back down to the parkade for another lap.

QPP 2015 46 QPP 2015 47

As I usually do I wanted to grab some photos of the awards for the day – Park and Polish always has some really cool trophies made out of parts from supercars, which really makes them stand out against other shows’ awards.

QPP 2015 48

All of the parts were donated used parts, and the stands to go with them were beautifully made pieces.

QPP 2015 49

Some of the awards used specific parts which related to their names, like “Shock and Awe”…

QPP 2015 50

…or “A for Effort”…

QPP 2015 51

…and “Half Fast” and “Bad to the Bone”.

QPP 2015 52

The trophies using rotors are usually my favourites. This year, they were used for the “Muscle Car” and “Tuner” trophies.

QPP 2015 53

Last but not least is the “Word Champion” trophy, which was a belt – and this is the final photo for today. Hopefully you enjoyed this little look at Park and Polish 2015! I intend to return next year, and while I’d still go if it rained again here’s hoping it’ll be a sunny day instead!


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