During the course of the summer I was lucky enough to see both a 918 and LaFerrari in person, multiple times, at the Cars and Coffee events. On top of that, the new hypercar trio was present at the annual Quarry Park and Polish which gave attendees the chance to see all three together. I was happy to finally see the P1 up close but despite this there was still one thing I was hoping for – the opportunity to see it outside and driving around rather than parked in a dark parkade. At the first Cars and Coffee following Park and Polish I was able to do just that.

I don’t recall when exactly I arrived at the event on this night, but it was a smaller gathering and after taking a quick look around I was debating calling it a night and heading home to relax. Right at that moment the P1 came around the corner and I knew I’d be staying a little while longer.

Seeing as how Tree and Shine photos are up now, these are the next in line to be shared so today they can finally be posted. There are not as many photos here as there were when I highlighted the other two hypercars, but there were a number of pictures of the P1 already shared as part of the Park and Polish coverage. Anyway, I hope you enjoy!

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