Cars and Coffee Sept 8th / Grey Eagle Sept 9th

For today’s post I have some select photos from both September 8th’s Cars and Coffee as well as September 9th’s Grey Eagle. I initially considered putting these C&C photos in the same entry as those of the P1 (they’re from the same night) but ultimately decided that I’d rather have it focus solely on the hypercar, to keep it in line with the previous posts on the 918 and LaFerrari. That left a few photos from that night which weren’t really enough for a post on their own, but I also had a small selection of Grey Eagle photos which would’ve made another too-small post. Solution? Combine them! Groundbreaking stuff here, folks.

I hope you enjoy this little look at the two meets! Despite combining the two, it’s still a smaller entry but that’s because things were starting to wind down here as the end of summer approached.

Cars and Coffee September 8 9

I had seen a few cars recently with decals saying “Boost Loading”, but this was a new one.

Cars and Coffee September 8 11

The Alfa 4C, showing off a bit of its tire through the duct.

Cars and Coffee September 8 10

There was no way I could walk past this Trueno without grabbing a shot. When the hood was popped later we found out it had the heart of an S2000!

Cars and Coffee September 8 12Cars and Coffee September 8 13Cars and Coffee September 8 14

Mike brought out his RHD RX-7…I always enjoy seeing this arrive at a meet.

GE September 9 2015 1

This is where it switches over to the following night and the Grey Eagle meet. I saw Dustin post on Facebook asking if anyone was game for a quick pre-meet at Signal Hill – and I was – so I made my way over and met with him and a few others before we wandered down the road to the casino.

GE September 9 2015 2

It wasn’t the busiest night but as I always say, it’s a great opportunity to see friends and hang out.

GE September 9 2015 3

Brent’s Mazda 3 was looking ridiculous as always – ridiculous in a good way.

GE September 9 2015 4

The Midnight Purple pair – the S15 that debuted at Sunday School and Kaylee’s S14.

GE September 9 2015 5 GE September 9 2015 6GE September 9 2015 7

One more of Kaylee’s S14 for good measure. No bias towards S-chassis cars at all here…

GE September 9 2015 8 GE September 9 2015 9GE September 9 2015 10

I really liked this R32 that showed up; great colour combo and very tasteful. That’s it for today – just a quick post as I mentioned above.

Looking ahead, I think a few of us will be working in The MacKenCo Garage tomorrow so hopefully there’ll be some progress made on a couple of cars. We also have parts coming in the mail for both Foci, but sadly the hatch has already been put into winter mode. Summer-only tires would have soon become a hazard so it was time to put the Rays away and get some winter tires on the corners of the hatch instead. I still had the sedan’s stock 16s with their winter tires sitting in the garage, so guess what the 5-door is wearing now?

Have a good weekend everyone!


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