9 days…

…since the last post. Oh dear. Over the last week and a bit a lot has been happening, but unfortunately nothing has really been post-worthy. That is, unless you all care to see a build thread for Ikea furniture. Haha

My main project recently has been redoing my office/workshop from which I run MacKenCo, and it’s just about complete now. I’m extremely happy with the new layout and look, and it’s proving to be much nicer to work in. As mentioned there’s some new furniture, supplies have been rearranged, and I have some new pictures and memorabilia to hang up on the walls too.

Anyway, I do at least have one photo to post tonight so that this entry is not just text. Recently, while talking with Mike and Josè, we were laughing about some memes we found; specifically, ones about ruining daily drivers, what I drive vs what insurance thinks I drive, and so on. Mike went on to make one of his own with his ST-swapped sedan, and I figured I’d have a bit of fun and make one of my own with Tiggy – why not?

Going to keep it stock 1000px

And yes, I really did say that. That promise lasted 3 days. No regrets.

I’ll have a new post up this weekend, so watch for it!


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