2015 Calgary Auto Show: Part 2

To start off December’s posts, tonight is Part 2 of my photos from the Calgary Auto Show. I anticipate there being one more part to wrap this up, before moving on to the next set of photos saved for the Throwback category.

Now, for anyone that missed the explanation at the start of part one, this new “Throwback” category is what I will publish posts under when I reach back into my folders of older, unpublished photos. Its main purpose is to help me keep updates on the site coming more frequently over the winter(s) as they get published along with new photos.

I saved photos because we can often be at the mercy of the weather when it comes to making plans during winter, however recently (and I hope I don’t jinx it by typing this) the weather has actually been quite decent. Hopefully the guys and I can take advantage of this and work on cars, take pictures, and just do everything we really wish we could but have to pass on, on the -30C days.

YYC Auto Show 2015 33

Let’s start off today with this cool display that Mitsubishi had, which was showing off some of the components of a hybrid system.

YYC Auto Show 2015 34

From the other side, at a quick glance it could almost be mistaken for just another car at the show. I really like seeing cutaways like this.

YYC Auto Show 2015 35

Remember this sight – a brand new Evolution at an auto show.

YYC Auto Show 2015 32

One of Mitsubishi’s neighbours at the show was Jeep, and I found myself at their booth too during the show. I make an effort to stop by every manufacturer’s display even if only briefly, but there was in fact a specific new model from Jeep that I wanted to see this year anyway…

YYC Auto Show 2015 36

…the new Renegade!

YYC Auto Show 2015 37

I kind of like the cutesy little Jeeplet. Reading reviews of it and seeing the fun little details and easter eggs that Jeep hid in it, make me appreciate it. It seems like the designers had fun when working on it and I like that.

YYC Auto Show 2015 38

Moving next door to Dodge, the new Viper was on display but it was arguably overshadowed by its four-door relative….

YYC Auto Show 2015 39

…the Charger Hellcat. Both Hellcats are seriously amazing pieces of machinery of course but the Charger is the one I find more impressive because it offers that level of performance in a car with no real trade-offs in terms of practicality or usability. Looking past the reduced fuel economy, there’s room for the family and luggage, and even with both in the car it’d probably still leave pretty much anything you’d encounter on the street in its dust.

YYC Auto Show 2015 40

I give Dodge a huge thumbs up for this. Does a family sedan really need this level of power? Of course not…and that’s why this is so cool. The cost is not an insignificant amount but there are many performance cars that cost as much or more, but have less power and aren’t as practical.

YYC Auto Show 2015 41

The 500 had a growth spurt and now we have the 500X. Haha

YYC Auto Show 2015 42 YYC Auto Show 2015 43

The new Ford Edge, which as Tjin Edition proved can look seriously good when modified, though even stock is rather sharp in my opinion (no bias towards Ford here, I swear. Haha).

YYC Auto Show 2015 44

Another shot of the facelifted Foci for good measure…

YYC Auto Show 2015 45

The BMW booth was rather busy so I didn’t get many photos, thought I did make sure to capture this Alpina B6 Gran Coupe.

YYC Auto Show 2015 46

The M235i is definitely an attractive package, though I think I prefer the coupe to the cabriolet. The M4 behind it, as I recall, was constantly full of people so I didn’t bother to wait for a chance to sit in it.

YYC Auto Show 2015 47 YYC Auto Show 2015 48

I had the opportunity to test-drive a Mini a few years back and it was quite enjoyable. The green and red combo on this JCW worked surprisingly well without coming across as Christmas-y.

YYC Auto Show 2015 49

This is probably my favourite shot from the show, so picking it to be the cover for this post was an easy decision.

YYC Auto Show 2015 50

This isn’t the clearest shot but the subject matter hopefully makes up for it. I can’t remember the last time I saw a single Rolls-Royce out on the open road. It was a shame they were roped off but it was understandable.

YYC Auto Show 2015 51

A good place to end today I think, is this TLX that was sporting a short but effective list of modifications. It’s amazing how much of an effect wheels, height, and a wrap can have.

YYC Auto Show 2015 52

The ‘specs’ for those interested. I really liked the colour choice – Gunpowder Matte Midnight Blue Metallic.

YYC Auto Show 2015 53

And that’s it for tonight! I don’t have a set date for when the third and final part will be up but it’ll definitely be this month. In the meantime there are a couple of cars I hope to shoot for quick updates, so hopefully the owners and I can take advantage of this nice weather while we have it, to do just that. Have a good weekend everyone!


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