RDC Rear Emblem Delete: Part 2 (Test Fit)

This admittedly came sooner than I expected – the test fit for the rear emblem delete panel has happened! Mario texted me to let me know he would be test-fitting it after work on Tuesday, so that evening I grabbed my camera and headed out to meet up with him, Dave, and Derrick.

RDC emblem delete 9

Before we move on to the subject of today’s post, I have a few shots of the ST in its current state. Why dirty and 4×4? Because winter and air suspension.

RDC emblem delete 13

I know running my Tarmacs in the winters has upset a few people…I’m sure this will too.

RDC emblem delete 15

I really wanted to show off a couple of the new interior modifications the car has received because I think they look awesome. The armrest lid is now covered in authentic Bride material,…

RDC emblem delete 16

…and the shift boot is made of the same. Both feature red stitching to match the paint and have really been making me consider ordering similar pieces. The insert on the e-brake handle is wrapped in purple sparkle vinyl for those wondering.

RDC emblem delete 8

Anyway, on to the emblem delete. With the hatch’s interior panel removed, half a dozen nuts had to be undone (and hopefully not dropped inside the hatch) to free the stock piece.

RDC emblem delete 10

With those out of the way the panel could be pried loose.

RDC emblem delete 11

The hatch release button/license plate light had to be unplugged and then removed from the trim piece. It helps to keep the button handy during a swap/test-fit of the panel as you’ll need to plug it back in to open the hatch from the outside of the car.

RDC emblem delete 12

With that taken care of it was time to offer up the new piece and see how it looked. Yes, that’s a small crack you see in the in-focus bracket. To be fixed!

RDC emblem delete 17

The moment we were waiting for; the first mock-up of the delete panel! Interesting (?) fact – Mario’s is the first fiberglass piece in Canada.

RDC emblem delete 18

We made sure to check carefully for any fit issues and the only one we found was right here, on the left-hand side of the license plate recess. The delete panel will need a small bit of sanding here and then it should snug up nicely against the hatch.

RDC emblem delete 14

Next, we wanted to try bolting it in place so that we could stand back and get a better look. One quick issue we had was finding bolts to fit the threads, but soon we found a very easy solution to this.

RDC emblem delete 19

The factory bolts were removed from the stock piece as they are the correct fit for the emblem delete panel! It didn’t occur to us at first to try this.

RDC emblem delete 20

A couple of those were used just to hold the panel in place; we weren’t concerned with fully tightening it down here.

RDC emblem delete 21

You may have noticed that there was just a little dirt on the hatch. Mario did too so he gave it a quick wash.

RDC emblem delete 22

We all agreed that it looked really good in its raw black finish, but getting it paint-matched is still the plan. I suppose that’ll be part 3 of this little series of posts!

RDC emblem delete 23

So what do you guys think of the emblem-less look? We like it!

RDC emblem delete 24

To wrap up the night, the stock piece was put back on and we started moving cars out and cleaning up.

RDC emblem delete 25

New project alert? For the winter Dave parked his RSX and has been driving this 4Runner instead. When I pointed out his headlights were coated in grime he promptly flipped on his LED light bar and spotlights and proved why he doesn’t need them.

RDC emblem delete 26

All cleaned up and about to head for home! It may have been a small part but why not get everyone together and hang out?

I’m still debating picking up an emblem delete of my own but higher on my priority list right now is getting this week’s delivery fitted to the sedan. More on that in the next post!



  • Bill, I don’t think this is the first fiberglass emblem delete in Canada. I got mine back in October last year. Mine is painted and ready for install. I’m using 1/4″ 20 screws with locking nuts for the install as the OEM are metric and the RDC piece is imperial.I’m just in the middle of a move right now. Might install it this weekend.

      • To be fair, I have my parts shipped to a New York address then cross the border to pick it up. So yours might be the first shipped to Canada. haha

  • Bill, I’m interested in seeing how you used the OEM bolts to fasten the RDC emblem delete.

    • We popped them out of the OEM panel and then just flipped them around to screw into the delete panel. They worked perfectly for us!

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