The Next Piece for the Sedan: OBX Header

My first new part of 2016 – an OBX header!

This is something I’ve been after for a little while – the better part of a year in fact – but only just pulled the trigger on. Why, you ask? Blame the poor CAD/USD exchange rate. I couldn’t justify the increase in the cost from that, and of course there would probably be duties to have to pay as well. I decided to wait, and see if either the exchange rate would improve, or if one would appear for sale in Canada.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago and one popped up for sale right here in Alberta! After a little consideration I decided to pick it up because the deal was really good and with it being so close the shipping cost was really low.

OBX header 1

To be more specific, this came out of Edmonton so in no time at all it arrived here in Calgary. It’s used which helped keep the price down but I don’t mind. I was able to find it thanks to a Focus group I’m a part of on Facebook and I’m very happy no other member snatched it up first.

OBX header 2

At this point I’m only waiting on the new gaskets I ordered to arrive and then I’ll bring the lot down to Balance Auto so that we can get it installed! The plan is to have it in this week and I’m really hoping that said gaskets arrive in time to allow for that.

OBX header 3

I had said last year that improving the Focus’ overall performance was to be one of my priorities for the season and while some parts did make their way on (new tires, rear strut bar, etc) others ultimately were put off for another day thanks to the exchange rate. Currently the rate still isn’t good (our dollar was at $0.68 USD a couple of days ago!) but hopefully I’ll be able to find some more good deals like this one and get more crossed off my list.


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