The 2016 GT350

The Focus’ new header has been installed! Yesterday I spent the afternoon at Balance Auto Garage and Jackie took on the swap. One thing we learned – it’s definitely not a driveway job. The stock header is a complete Pea Eye Tea Eh to remove and most of the time was spent doing just that. However, after that everything went smoothly and the Focus’ new sound is incredible. A full write-up and video of the swap should be up this coming weekend (or Monday at the latest) but in the meantime, I have something else which I hope you’ll enjoy.

Prior to driving over to Balance Auto I had to stop by Metro Ford to pick up some small pieces for the two Foci (nothing special, so don’t get excited. Haha), and while I was there I was able to get a few photos of this beast – a 2016 Shelby GT350.

GT350 1

I had also seen a black GT350 on my last visit (when the aforementioned parts were ordered) but I didn’t have my proper camera with me so I waited for this visit to get these shots.

GT350 2

This example wears Oxford White paint and has the SVT Track Package and blue stripes as options.

GT350 3GT350 4

I realized after the fact that this shot wasn’t lined up perfectly but I don’t care; I’m posting it anyway!

GT350 5

Finally seeing one this close and personal revealed some new details that I was previously unaware of. Note the smaller honeycomb pattern molded into the grille! There’s an opportunity for a “Yo Dawg, we heard you like honeycomb…” joke here.

GT350 6GT350 7

It doesn’t matter which angle it’s viewed from – it always looks mean.

GT350 8GT350 9

Definitely my favourite shot of the bunch – hence why it’s the cover.

GT350 10

I’ve always been a Mustang fan and have been fortunate enough to drive many, including a few GT500s. That said, what I’d really like now is the opportunity to take one of these new GT350s out for a test. I may need to work on that one…

Anyway, like I said the photos and video from yesterday’s install will be up next. I wouldn’t have been able to get everything edited in time to have that post up today, so I got these ready instead; but this is pretty good ‘filler’ material, wouldn’t you say?

Have a good one!


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