OBX Header Install: Part 2 (Video)

Header install 18

The header install video has been posted! It actually went up very late last night but I didn’t have a chance to put this announcement together so it’s happening now! To watch the video please CLICK HERE and you’ll be redirected to the YouTube channel. It’s not very long nor is it a step-by-step guide, but hopefully you find it worth watching.

That leads me to the second announcement of today – yes, ThreeTwenty has a YouTube channel now! I set it up a few weeks ago but wanted to wait to have a few things posted before really promoting it. Videos are something friends and I have discussed before and something I’ve been wanting to try for a little while, so I decided that 2016 would be the year that I get started on them.

Please don’t expect Spielberg’s work, but I’ll do my best to keep a reasonable level of quality as I practice and learn more about video production and editing. I’m hoping that they’ll be a worthwhile addition to the site and work well alongside the photos to share more of our automotive scene.

I have some ideas already formed for some of the things I want to film this year, but if there’s anything in particular you would be interested in seeing please let me know!

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