January 23rd Mini-Meet

Last week Paul (benzondubs) messaged me to let me know he’d be in Calgary the coming weekend. Being in town was a good enough reason to meet up but he also really wanted to hear the Focus following the header install, so some messages were sent out to try and coordinate a mini-meet.

In the end it was just three of us – Paul, Dominic, and myself, but we enjoyed catching up and hanging out for a little while.

Jan 23 meet 1

Since we were meeting in the evening we wanted a place that was decently well-lit (since it currently gets dark rather early) so we opted for Chinook Mall’s parkade.

Jan 23 meet 2

With the cars all in winter mode there’s not much to report on in terms of new modifications, though Paul did fit a roof basket for the trip to Calgary.

Jan 23 meet 3

Unfortunately Dominic’s Mk3 had recently been wounded slightly but was back on the road following repairs.

Jan 23 meet 4Jan 23 meet 5Jan 23 meet 6

There’s really not too much to report on from the mini-meet, however I did take some more detailed photos of Paul’s hatch which I’ll be putting into a separate post.

Jan 23 meet 8

One thing we noted was how much dust was in the air in the parkade – we could see the haze at times. This Tesla bordered on looking abandoned but for all we know it merely could have been parked there for just the day.

Jan 23 meet 7

A little later on our attention was then diverted to the parkade’s occupancy lights. For those unfamiliar with these systems, basically a light will turn red when its stall is occupied by a vehicle, so the idea is it’ll help drivers locate empty stalls easier by signaling them with green lights.

Jan 23 meet 9

We noticed that we caused one to change to red unintentionally, so we set about trying to trick them and even competed to see whose would change first. We’re such hooligans.

Jan 23 meet 10

Car people are weird. We look forward to spending an evening in a parkade and then are amused by red and green lights. Maybe the gasoline fumes get to us over time.



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