2016 Grey Eagle Meets – Some Good News

Two days ago I shared the news that the Grey Eagle meets had been cancelled. Fortunately I can already share an update on that, and I’m sure many will be happy to find out what GE told us.

GE August 19 2015 25

First off, the meets are still cancelled – that’s not changing. The good news though, is that we will still be free to show up as per usual. Basically, there were only two differences between the “official” meets and the weeks when we showed up on our own anyway, and they will be the only things missing this year.

GE August 19 2015 11

Those would be the food tents and the parking lot being roped off for us. With no official meets this year neither of these will be happening, but does that really matter? I think I can safely speak for most if not all of us when I say we really appreciated Grey Eagle’s support and the food they provided, but at the end of the day why did we even go to the casino each week? We went for the cars.

GE August 19 2015 22

The summary is this – we can still go on Wednesday nights and have fun as we always have, but the casino did make one request. They have asked that we don’t take over the lot if there is a large event (i.e. concert) taking place on a given Wednesday which would require the extra parking. As long as we look ahead at their events schedule and avoid the odd night when something big is going on, everything will run smoothly and there will be enough parking for everyone. Works for me!


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  • Thx for this. Only place I’ve actually seen news on this.
    Will pop by the casino one of these Wednesdays.
    Wanted to all are there other gatherings qe should know about?

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