2016 Grey Eagle Meets – Cancelled

There’s really no good way to break the news, so there it is right in the title. There are to be no official GE meets this season.

GE June 24 2015 22

This is something that had actually been circulating – albeit more as a rumor – for a little while now. People kept ‘hearing’ that the meets were not going to take place this season but I dismissed all of it.

GE July 29 2015 23

A tweeted reply from the casino earlier this year stated that the meets would indeed be taking place as usual, so I wasn’t worried and had been looking forward to them. However, Mario contacted them again and today they replied, sharing the unfortunate news.

GE July 15 2015 16

I don’t know any more than what I’m sharing here, but hopefully I can find out what happened. However, every season plenty of us bring our vehicles to the casino both before the official meets start as well as after they end. I’m hoping that we will still be able to show up anyway, and while we may not have a roped-off area or food courtesy of Grey Eagle we can at least still have a place to go on Wednesday nights to hang out.

With that out of the way, the following is what I was originally planning on posting today. While no really large meets have taken place (as far as I know) some of us have stopped by some smaller ones for fun. I brought my GoPro to a few of them and gathered a small assortment of clips. As these meets become larger I hope to capture more video footage alongside photos, so please let me know if you’d like to see some more over the coming season. As I’ve joked previously these will not be award-winning videos but I hope that they can provide a better look at our little community, and be additional content for you all to enjoy.

The mini-meets aside, not too much has happened recently which is why the blog was idle this week. Looking ahead however, this weekend is the annual World of Wheels which Alex and I are planning on checking out. I honestly can’t recall when I last attended so I’d say it’s definitely time I checked it out again. Of course my camera will be in tow, and I can’t wait to see what vehicles will be on display.



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