V-MAXX BBK – Part 1

In the last post I had teased that something new – and rather special – had just arrived in the mail. That something was a big brake kit (BBK) and today it was installed!

I still have many photos from the Calgary Auto Show to share obviously, but I thought I’d alternate between those and the install of these anchors for a bit of variety…and because I’m extremely proud of these and just want to show them off a bit too. Haha

This very kit is actually something I had originally planned on picking up last year in time for Sunday School (that’s right, several months ago) but ultimately didn’t. Just like the header, this BBK was an item on my list which I decided to save for another day because of the poor CAD/USD exchange rate we were stuck with. To be honest the exchange rate still sucks today but with some saving – and with the support of Rebel Devil Customs and V-MAXX – I was able to fit these into the budget for ‘Driven Prep’.


My excitement about these brakes is not just to do with how long I have waited for them however. This happens to be the first and only V-MAXX Mk3 Focus BBK in Canada!


It’s a pretty serious bit of kit too. Four-pot calipers and 330MM rotors are the headlines, and braided brake lines are included too – as are some upgraded pads (obviously).


Of course it didn’t take long for me to open up the box and mock up one caliper and rotor just to get an idea of how they’d look.


A few different colours of calipers are available but I opted for red. Quick renders showed it’d pop nicely against the paint and I rather liked it even though it went against the car’s yellow/white/blue colour scheme.


Slotted and vented two-piece monsters.


Of course, since the Turbomacs were sitting nearby it was only logical to set one on top to see how the BBK looked behind the spokes.


At this point I was getting more and more excited to actually get the stoppers on the car and with thanks to Jackie at Balance Auto I didn’t have to wait long to take the car in.

BBK 16

The install however, will be the subject of another post. I didn’t have time to edit all of the photos or write up all of the notes from today but rest assured that will all be coming soon. In the meantime, here’s one shot to show how they look on the car.

I need to once again give a big thanks to V-MAXX and Mike at Rebel Devil for the BBK, and to Jackie at Balance Auto for installing it and as always, allowing me to hang around with my camera.

Oh, and of course I should mention – they bring the car to a halt stupid fast.


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