2016 Calgary Auto Show – Part 2

And we’re back to coverage from the Calgary Auto Show! As a quick re-cap for any who haven’t read Part 1 yet, I decided to alternate these posts and those of the BBK install for a bit of variety, and so that the BBK photos didn’t sit too long because I wanted to get started on sharing them as well.

Today we pick up with Dodge’s display and will cover the remainder of the front hall!

YYC Auto Show 2016 34

The Viper is probably a good place to start so let’s do that. The dark purple on this was unusual but suited the car rather well.

YYC Auto Show 2016 35

The primary reason I grabbed this photo was not to show the Hellcat or the 500X, but to show the contrast in colours. Dodge had a real rainbow on display and it was awesome to see.

YYC Auto Show 2016 36

There are cars with unnecessary amounts of power that are silly for it. Then there are cars with unnecessary amounts of power that are amazing for it. This is one of the latter.

YYC Auto Show 2016 37

People who know me know that my interest in vehicles is not limited to one particular brand or category. Case in point – after checking out the Hellcats I then went straight for the little Renegade because I had still been waiting on a chance to sit in one and check it out in more detail.

YYC Auto Show 2016 38

All of the fun little details – like the mud splat on the tachometer – are probably the main reason I like these things. This particular one happened to be a 75th Anniversary Edition.

YYC Auto Show 2016 39

Of all of the cars in Dodge’s display however, the one I was most interested in seeing was the new Fiat 124 Spider.

YYC Auto Show 2016 40

I think it’s a really sharp looking little car and since it’s a Miata anyway, I imagine it’d be pretty good to drive. Buyers would get to enjoy driving a very popular and proven platform while still having something new and different.

YYC Auto Show 2016 41

Jeep Wrangler 75th Anniversary Edition in what I believe was called Sarge Green.

YYC Auto Show 2016 42

A lightly-customized 200 was on display and open for showgoers to check out, but I didn’t have a chance to sit in it.

YYC Auto Show 2016 43

I did check over the specs though just to find out more, and upon doing so noticed that the listed ‘Fender Badge’ was installed on the door. Haha

YYC Auto Show 2016 44

The new Ram Rebel – really like the aggressive styling of these.

YYC Auto Show 2016 45

Hyundai had one of the quirky little Velosters at the show, complete with matte paint – I’d be a little worried about having that on a daily driver, honestly.

YYC Auto Show 2016 46

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X Final Edition – I overheard one of the representatives mention that only 300 or so would be coming to Canada. I could have misheard or even remembered that incorrectly though so don’t quote me. Haha

YYC Auto Show 2016 47

Mitsubishi had this nice display sharing some of the highlights from their past. Naturally the Evos were mentioned a few times, making it even sadder that they won’t be offered any more. A moment of silence…

YYC Auto Show 2016 48

VW had some nice cars at the show but naturally I was focused on the Golf R. The Beetle Dune was present though sadly it was blocked off so I couldn’t get a close look at it – sadder though was the fact my photo of it did not turn out well which I only realized afterwards. Oops…

YYC Auto Show 2016 49

Kia’s styling is really progressing nicely. The Optima in particular has some really nice elements.

YYC Auto Show 2016 50

I’m still not sold on the Sportage’s new face though.

YYC Auto Show 2016 51

Since I wasn’t able to sit in the Fiat 124, I made sure to wait for the MX-5 to be open. Side note – it seems like the aftermarket for these is already rather large. I’m looking forward to seeing more of these being built as projects.

YYC Auto Show 2016 52

I drive manual every day of course but can never resist hopping in a car at a show when I see that magic third pedal. Rowing through the gears and trying some heel-toe is mandatory. Imagining the roar of an engine is optional but recommended.

YYC Auto Show 2016 53

Juke. Say what you will but I think it’s kind of cool. Even the orange highlights (in moderation I will say though) are neat…

YYC Auto Show 2016 54

…except here. Red accents in an interior? Yes please! Orange accents in an interior? Why not? Red AND orange accents in an interior? Not the biggest fan.

YYC Auto Show 2016 55

Out of all of the cars Nissan had out, the one I spent the most time looking at was the new Maxima. These turn my head when I see them on the road.

YYC Auto Show 2016 56

The interior was equally nice – and do you notice something neat about the trim above the glovebox?

YYC Auto Show 2016 57

It was only upon closer inspection that I noticed the diamond pattern in the pieces. I thought this was a really cool little detail that would likely go unnoticed at first by many. It tied in to the diamond-quilted inserts the seats had.

YYC Auto Show 2016 58

GT-R. All you get of this is one photo. It was blocked off so I quickly moved on. Haha

YYC Auto Show 2016 59

Perhaps you noticed this flying Sierra in the background when I showed the Buick Avenir in Part 1. It certainly grabbed people’s attention.

YYC Auto Show 2016 60

Also grabbing attention though, was this beast. Called the Titan Warrior, it was a concept that was anything but restrained. Satin paint, carbon fiber (!) flares and accents, quad exhaust tips, crazy lighting – the list goes on. I don’t know how feasible production is for this (all of that CF would almost definitely not make it) but I hope it happens.

That’s it for today folks! Part 3 will begin the coverage of the back hall, and up first will be Lamborghini. Looking through the photos I imagine the posts (I expect there to be two more parts to the main coverage) will be slightly bigger just because it was hard not to take lots of photos when presented with so much high-end machinery in one place.


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