Exclusive: The Balance Auto Garage ITR – Part 3

I’ll admit that I wasn’t originally planning on posting another update on Balance Auto’s ITR just yet, but then Jackie surprised us all with something new and I had to go see it for myself. During the build of the ITR he has been letting me in on pretty much all of his plans for the vehicle, but this was an exception. Last week he sent me a message which had no text – instead it consisted of two images of the shop’s ITR and the facelift it had just received. Holy gigantic splitter Batman!

Balance Auto ITR 28

The C-West bumper (which is still awaiting paint) will now be accompanied by this custom piece which came off of a race car in the USA. I used to think that the C-West piece with its splitter and canards looked pretty aggressive, but compared to this it looks rather tame!

Balance Auto ITR 30

Look at the size of it! Granted, for this shot I was using a wide-angle so it’s a bit exaggerated, but the lens was necessary  in order to fit this behemoth in.

Balance Auto ITR 29

The car has also received new shoes for the time being; it’s still waiting on its proper set of wheels so these have been fitted just so that it can be rolled around.

Balance Auto ITR 31Balance Auto ITR 32

The new bumper will certainly allow for quite a bit of airflow for various cooling needs. Ducting will be fashioned to keep the front brakes cool while out on track.

Balance Auto ITR 33

Now, what about the engine that will be powering this thing? At the time of my visit the heart transplant had yet to be carried out but the new K-series is getting ever-closer to being dropped into its new home.

Balance Auto ITR 38

There’s certainly no shortage of parts!

Balance Auto ITR 35

A new 80mm K-Tuned throttle body will feed the intake manifold, which is a ported and polished RBC piece.

Balance Auto ITR 40

Extra shot because it’s so purdy. Getting distracted by shiny things.

Balance Auto ITR 36

There’s more K-Tuned goodness in the form of a fuel rail…

Balance Auto ITR 39

…as well as an intake.

Balance Auto ITR 37

As an upgrade for the braking department, a set of Brembo calipers were picked up and have been refinished in black.

Balance Auto ITR 34

Last but not least for today, the head which has had its intake and exhaust ports opened up and polished already.

Balance Auto ITR 41

As is always the case there are more parts on their way, but it’s coming along. Summer is getting closer and closer and there is much left to do, so some late nights at the shop may be necessary; but that’s usually how it goes with projects, right?

Balance Auto ITR 42

’til next time…


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