Tokyo Auto Salon 2016

Okay, I realize that this post probably requires some explanation. Tokyo Auto Salon on ThreeTwenty?

If you look at the signatures in these photos you’ll notice it’s not my name listed. I was not in Japan for TAS this year – in fact, I have never been to Japan (sigh…) but it is high on my bucket list. A few friends were in Japan around the time of the show however, and Josh Sivadas was one of them.

Following his trip I asked if he had any photos that he wouldn’t mind sharing, with the intention of posting them here. He generously provided me with a selection of pictures from his trip and now that all of the editing is complete, I can share them with you all here. I’m sure most reading this will be aware that TAS was around two months ago now; Josh sent the photos after he returned from Japan and with all of the other happenings (local shows, new parts, work) the photos and this post were ultimately reserved for now.

Now, normally when I share coverage from shows and events I’m able to provide some commentary based on my personal experience from the day. Perhaps I remembered meeting an owner, noticing something unique about a car, or just generally had something to share which would add to the post. In this instance, because I was not there I unfortunately cannot do this. I have only ‘experienced’ TAS 2016 through whatever photos and articles I have found, so all I know of it is what I have read and seen online or in print.

All of this is to say that in writing this post up I am mainly only able to comment on what is directly shown in the pictures below. I don’t know the full details of all of the vehicles nor do I have any further knowledge of the event beyond what has been relayed. Regardless, I hope you all enjoy looking through this selection of photos; I certainly enjoyed looking through them myself.

TAS16 1TAS16 2TAS16 3

This MX-5 happens to be one of my favourite builds from this year’s show. The paint on the windshield frame lights up when current is applied to it, like you see here. Surely I’m not the only one who really wants to see a whole car painted in it?

TAS16 4TAS16 6TAS16 5TAS16 7

Another favourite of mine from the show. I like the Blitz widebody kit more and more each time I see it.

TAS16 8

There are a few Stageas in town and – especially after watching the build of one on Mighty Car Mods – I really want one.

TAS16 9TAS16 10TAS16 11

I’m sure many of you have seen photos like this one before. Photographers swarming around a model. It’s a pretty standard shot but always amusing.

TAS16 12TAS16 13TAS16 14

Let’s ignore the endless jokes about Priuses (Prii?) for a minute and just acknowledge how freaking awesome this GT300 version looks.

TAS16 15

I’m glad Josh got this close-up of the splitter because the combination of multiple weaves is a really cool look. I’m sure there’s a point to it other than appearance but I can’t offer any insight into it.

TAS16 16TAS16 17TAS16 18

Super clean R32. It’s hard to believe how old these are now; they have aged so well.

TAS16 19

The downforce. Alllll of it.

TAS16 20

I wasn’t too surprised to see this in the collection of photos. Josh has a K-powered build underway right now…getting ideas perhaps?

TAS16 21

Josh took this nice overview which was perfect for serving as the cover photo.

TAS16 22

Varis’ ‘Kamikaze-R’.

TAS16 23

Volk fans, this one’s for you. If you could pick one, which would it be?

TAS16 24

Mine’s R35 GT-R.

TAS16 25TAS16 26

I don’t have photos of it but I believe the livery on the other side of this 991 was done in blue, based on the blue center stripe and the tiny bit visible by the rear window in the first photo.

TAS16 27

Advan fans, your turn now.

TAS16 28TAS16 29

Honda’s new little S660 – I imagine these would be a ton of fun to drive.

TAS16 30TAS16 31

This Rowen exhaust just had to be included in the post because it’s truly a work of art. I would almost be upset to have to hide it under a car.

TAS16 32

The Rocket Bunny craze continues with the new Pandem kits. The style works quite well with the E36 body.

TAS16 33

This particular R35 was just featured over on Speedhunters, and the article pointed out it is a 2008 model. It then pointed out that these cars are now 9 years old if you count the earliest builds. Then I realized that we Canadians are almost 2/3 of the way through the waiting period before RHD versions become legal for use on the streets. Anyone else feeling old now too?

TAS16 34

326Power’s cars are bold for lack of a better word. I’ll admit they can be a bit much for my taste but I still get a kick out of seeing each new creation. They certainly aren’t afraid of pushing the envelope!

TAS16 35TAS16 36TAS16 37

In the last post we saw the production NSX, and as a bit of contrast here’s the NSX GT concept.

TAS16 38TAS16 39

I imagine it’ll be a while before a Pagani is seen again on the blog. Remember this moment.

TAS16 40

AIMGAIN and StanceNation collaborated to produce a new widebody kit for the 86. I’ve yet to see one in person but based on photos, it looks like it adds a fair amount of width to the car.

TAS16 41TAS16 42

MX-5, Prius, GT-R, Aventador…AIMGAIN certainly had a variety of vehicles on display!

TAS16 43TAS16 44

That green vehicle in the background would be the Prius, by the way. It’s cool to see continued aftermarket support for the the car.

TAS16 45TAS16 46

Last but not least is the final photo from the batch Josh sent to me, which is of this insane Liberty Walk Aventador. That’s probably a good car to close with, right?

Once again, I want to extend a big thank you to Josh Sivadas for generously providing these photos! I hope you all enjoyed this little look at the show – ThreeTwenty of course focuses on the Calgary area when it comes to content but I like to have the opportunity to throw in something a bit different now and then, which is typically only possible thanks to friends here or around the world providing me with their photos.

Next I’ll be posting a little update on Balance Auto’s ITR; last week Jackie sent me a photo of his latest purchase and I just had to stop in and see it for myself. I’ll try to get that up soon and after that I hope to be able to provide some photos of a rather special build that is taking place over the next few days…fingers crossed. I am super excited for #RWBYYC and I’ll do my best to capture as much as I can.

Thanks for reading!


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