RWB YYC – Part 4

I’m writing this post up Sunday evening following several hours at Balance Auto spent working on Alex’s TL. The car is now just about complete for Driven, and I am exhausted. Hopfully I get all of this written up without nodding off. Haha

Below are the final photos from the RWB unveiling. Like with Part 3 they are a mix, covering some more cars parked outside as well as showing off the RWB again. I hope you all enjoy!


I mentioned at the start of the coverage that a number of Porsches could be found all around on the streets surrounding Tunerworks, but there were two in particular that were drawing a fair bit of attention.


That would be these two, and it’s probably fairly obvious as to why. I had to wait a while for onlookers to clear out in order to get this photo. Haha


Seeing a new GT3RS in person? That’s cool. Seeing one parked alongside one of its ancestors, in pretty much the same colour? That’s really cool.


I don’t know off-hand if this is the same GT3RS that we saw a few times at Cars and Coffee last year, but I can’t imagine there are many around to begin with, let alone in this specific colour.


Then this Panda AE86 headed out which stole our attention away from the Porsches. I believe Nakai-san had signed the dashboard of that particular car earlier in the day.


Rubicon on Meisters. Why not?


Even though it was nearing the end of the scheduled time, inside it was still fairly busy with lots of people enjoying the opportunity to see the car and meet Nakai.


Just in case anyone hasn’t noticed it yet – check out the plate!


One detail that many were commenting on was the fitment – the wheels’ specs were spot on.


Nakai enjoying a moment of rest.


Mario pulled the Broadway mirror out of his car and Nakai signed it for him…


…and then posed for a photo. I was simultaneously shooting with my camera as well as Mario’s phone here.


Here in the last photo of the RWB for this series of posts, you can see the signed dash, and some remnants of dust and dirt from the build. The car had come straight out of the workshop and hadn’t yet been fully detailed; instead it had only received a quick clean so it could be shown off immediately.


I had to throw a few photos of this thing in before wrapping up. Near the end of the day Gugliano arrived with his Civic and I rushed over to check it out. The last time I had seen it, it was merely a freshly painted shell. Obviously there have been a number of hours spent on it since then and it looked amazing!


I mentioned in Part 3 that the colour seen on the RWB was Porsche’s Grey Black. As it happens, that’s the colour Gugliano chose for his Civic as well! I think it works on pretty much anything.


Overall, the Civic sports a somewhat muted colour scheme. Even the faces of the SSRs are a nice grey tone – until the sun hits them that is! This is the Spectrum Silver finish and while it still looks crazy in photos, nothing compares to seeing them in person.


And now we’re at the end of the day. Just before Nakai went back inside he signed Mario’s delete panel; of course I had to fetch mine again and park it alongside so that we could see them together with the signatures.RWBYYC 74

Boom. I also realized that I’ve yet to show the installed delete panel on the blog, following the posts showing the test-fitting and painting. It looks really good and definitely cleans up the back of the ST.

So ends the coverage of what was a truly incredible afternoon. I’d like to say thanks again to everyone involved in making it possible! I find it hard to believe that it was already almost a week ago! Before I end this post though, there is one final detail I should share – we had all been referring to the car as RWB YYC because that was the working title, so to speak. The name has now been revealed though – say hello to Kokumajutsu!


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