Kokumajutsu (RWB YYC Part 5)

It was already two weeks ago that we saw the debut of Alberta’s first RWB at Tunerworks. I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the event and share some of it with you all via the photos and video I captured that afternoon. Understandably there was quite a crowd down at the shop as many were excited to see the car and meet Akira Nakai, so we were all having to work around each other to get clear photos. At the end of it all not only had I gotten to meet Nakai-san, but also briefly had the opportunity to meet Patrick, the owner of the RWB. It was a hectic day for him so brief is the key word here, but I’m glad I could.

As I started to publish everything from the day, Patrick commented on one of the posts about how happy he was to see the photos up on the site. Fast forward a little bit, and after some messages back and forth he very kindly agreed to bring out the 964 for a more private shoot, for which I cannot thank him enough. Yesterday we coordinated and met down in Eau Claire – no crowds, warm weather, and a chance to photograph an RWB out in natural light.

RWBYYC shoot 1

I arrived just before Patrick and found a good spot which looked to offer a few different backgrounds for photos. When he arrived he backed in to the next stall and I took the chance to get this quick photo of Tiggy and Kokumajutsu together. After all, how often do you get to park alongside one of these?

RWBYYC shoot 3

Immediately the two cars parked together caught the attention of a young family nearby – and especially the kids – which was fun to see. Shortly after Patrick hopped back in and rolled the car down the road just a little bit.

RWBYYC shoot 6

Because it was a little later in the day we didn’t really need to worry about blocking anyone nor were there many people walking through shots. Only the odd pedestrian or car would pass through.

RWBYYC shoot 7RWBYYC shoot 8RWBYYC shoot 9

As I mentioned in the short accompanying video (more on that later) this is a rather subtle and understated build as far as RWBs go. No side stripes, loud colours, or massive wing here.

RWBYYC shoot 10RWBYYC shoot 11

While the car was parked here a few people came over with their cell phones out, snapping their own photos of the car while asking Patrick a few questions about it. Whether people saw it as a nice Porsche, or realized that it was an RWB, it was drawing attention that day regardless.

RWBYYC shoot 12

Up until this point the sun had been hiding but when it suddenly popped out, Patrick rolled the car forward so that I could take advantage of the new-found lighting. I wasn’t watching for it but conveniently this IDLERS logo wound up positioned perfectly too!

RWBYYC shoot 13RWBYYC shoot 14

Perfect fitment? I think so.

RWBYYC shoot 15RWBYYC shoot 2

A peek inside reveals the signed dashboard.

RWBYYC shoot 5

So how wide is it exactly? Well, Kokumajutsu wears 265s up front,…

RWBYYC shoot 16

…and 315s out back. Stretched 315s. Oh my.

RWBYYC shoot 17

After a little while Patrick then moved the car over in front of the building which you saw in the first photo. I thought that the bright colours would contrast nicely with the muted shades of the car and I think it worked out rather nicely as a backdrop.

RWBYYC shoot 18RWBYYC shoot 19

This little shoot also reminded me that I really need to make my way down to this area more often. It really is quite nice and for whatever reason, I just don’t find myself here much.

RWBYYC shoot 20RWBYYC shoot 21

So much dish!

RWBYYC shoot 22

Following Nakai-san’s travels via Instagram (which is rather easy because my feed has been blowing up with RWB content), I see the car he’s just finishing up now is bright yellow and the one prior to that was green. It’s neat to see how all of the cars differ to each other based on the owners’ ideas and Nakai’s touch.

RWBYYC shoot 4RWBYYC shoot 23

I tried to keep everything fairly efficient so as to not keep Patrick, so it wasn’t too long before it was almost time to pack up. Prior to leaving though I also recorded a quick walk-around of the car, which I quickly edited and uploaded to YouTube last night. If you’re at all interested please hit Play below! It’s nothing fancy or in-depth but it’s another chance to quickly see (and hear) the car without crowds swarming it.

Thanks for reading, and thanks again to Patrick for bringing out the RWB! Patrick – I hope you like the photos!


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