Driven 2016 – Part 2

The big day, the main event, the reason for so many late nights – Driven 2016!

As mentioned in the last post, I arrived back at the Oval at around 11AM so as to have a couple of hours before the public was allowed in. I like the extra time to ensure the car is clean (for the 30th time?), relax a bit before the show starts, and also wander around to admire and photograph some of the cars without having to deal with crowds.

During the day I ultimately made several laps of the venue and was able to see everything on display, but didn’t shoot the cars in perfect order because of this. If there were lots of people blocking one for instance I would skip a car and then make my way back to it later during another round. Due to this, if you happen to see a photograph of the car that was next to yours but don’t see one of yours right after it, it may show up later on in the coverage. However, I did not photograph each and every vehicle on display so I apologize if I missed yours, but there’s no shortage of Driven coverage being posted right now so chances are there’s a photo of it out there.

Driven 2016 20

Without any further ado, let’s begin with the official Driven 2016 coverage!

Driven 2016 21

Starting things off with Steve’s crazy RSX. It’s for sale!

Driven 2016 22

Arif’s “Bento Box” (that’s what his personalized plate reads) was sporting a new all-white paint scheme and a more aggressive appearance with fender cutouts and a J’s hood.

Driven 2016 39

Paint protection film will be his new best friend, methinks.

Driven 2016 23

Eric’s S15 – the stance of this thing is insane. Everyone should know of my love for S15s by now…

Driven 2016 24

It’s hard to go wrong with a GT wing and canards on an FD.

Driven 2016 25Driven 2016 26

I didn’t even spot it at first, but note the subtle red stripe on the side skirt, matching the other red details such as those in the headlights. Nice little accent!

Driven 2016 27Driven 2016 28

Seeing an EVO X and STI on bags probably bothers someone somewhere, but not me.

Driven 2016 29Driven 2016 30Driven 2016 31

One thing’s for sure – there were a number of new widebody builds at Driven this year such as this Remake-kitted Genesis coupe.  While it’s not sold as a Rocket Bunny, I believe the kit was designed by Kei Miura.

Driven 2016 32Driven 2016 33

Aldrich had both of his projects at the show – his S6 and also this CR-V. Funny how non-projects always turn into projects, right Aldrich?

Driven 2016 34Driven 2016 35

Dicken’s EVO X certainly has no shortage of quality parts.

Driven 2016 36

Alex’s TL-S was in the ill.motion booth when all was said and done. Long story short, he couldn’t show with us due to space limitations but a spot opened with iM and he was able to secure it.

Driven 2016 37

This little Honda Beat was awesome. Not sure how comfortable I’d be driving it considering how small it is but it must be like a go-kart.

Driven 2016 38Driven 2016 40

I really like the contrast of the bright, colourful bay and components as compared to the more muted exterior on this S14.

Driven 2016 41Driven 2016 42

Aldo’s S2000 continues to progress and now features an ASM front bumper.

Driven 2016 43

Driven 2016 was the first opportunity for a lot of us to see the Rocket Bunny 350Z kit in person. Now that the Z33s are older I’m hoping we see more being picked up as projects.

Driven 2016 44

Jason’s FR-S…this was the first time I’d seen the Arise Sports bumper in person and I can say I definitely like it.

Driven 2016 45

Before the start of the show Shane and I pulled the hood off of his Integra to show off the tucked bay and boosted engine. In prep for the show he also stripped the rear half of his interior.

Driven 2016 46Driven 2016 47

R32s have been in Canada for so long that some owners have been able to really go to town on them – case in point, BIGNJPN (Giuseppe’s R32).

Driven 2016 48

JC’s CT looking clean as always. It’s a platform that I almost never see on the roads to begin with, so it really stands out.

Driven 2016 49

Today we wrap up Gopesh’s GTI featuring fifteen52 flares to house the BBSs.

I’ll carry on with editing the rest of the photos – as well as those from the regular weekly meets – and will try to have Part 3 up before long. Thanks for reading!


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