DRIVEN 2016 – Part 3

Back at it again with the Driven photos!

Those who were at the show on Saturday may be able to tell that these jump around a bit but as mentioned in the last part, I didn’t shoot the cars in perfect order. Today’s set picks up right where we left off though, and shows some more cars from ill.motion’s group and others around them. Let’s get to it!

Driven 2016 50Driven 2016 51

Ryan’s EP3 still looking good after all these years. I still have the issue of Honda Tuning that it was featured in, way back.

Driven 2016 52Driven 2016 80

Alex’s Integra has to be the most immaculate example around. It was also in Honda Tuning, and I also have that issue.

Driven 2016 53Driven 2016 54Driven 2016 55

This Corolla was amazing – I made sure to grab a shot of the information to include here so that the full extent of the build can be properly understood. My favourite line above is the one stating that the only original panels are the roof and rear body panel.

Driven 2016 56Driven 2016 57

Two approaches to S15s – Curtis’ wrapped widebody example and Dustin’s in the background.

Driven 2016 58

This super clean F-swapped AE86 had its dashboard signed by Nakai at the RWB debut back in March.

Driven 2016 59Driven 2016 60Driven 2016 62

JC’s dad’s classic Celica looked amazing with the new TRD cover up front.

Driven 2016 61

Another F-swapped AE86, this time the coupe variant. It’s hard to see in the photo but on the carbon fiber doors were decals denoting the engine swap which I thought were a neat detail.

Driven 2016 63

Ricky’s Mk5 GTI has insane fitment – check out the rear wheel!

Driven 2016 64Driven 2016 65

There was a lot to take in on this FR-S but my favourite detail had to be the drilled-out and functional fender garnishes.

Driven 2016 66

It also had one heck of a wing out back. One heck of a diffuser too!

Driven 2016 68Driven 2016 69

This R32 was one of my favourite vehicles at the show. The colour, the stance, the styling – everything worked well together.

Driven 2016 70Driven 2016 71

The engine bay was the best part though. Check out all the neochrome!

Driven 2016 72Driven 2016 73Driven 2016 74

Here’s the closer look at this year’s commemorative decal which I had promised back in Part 1 – red and white for Ketchup, as noted.

Driven 2016 75

I think it’s safe to say Shane had the best engine bay of our group. Note how the rest of us had our hoods closed. Haha

Driven 2016 76Driven 2016 77Driven 2016 78

Another shot of Alex’s TL, from a different angle; just before the show his new GRIP FAST personalized license plate had arrived so he was able to toss it on. It has almost been a year now since he bought the car, as it happens – it’s come a long way!

Driven 2016 79

It’s not the best photo but I’ll close Part 3 off today with it regardless. That famous quote from the movie that started it all…

Have a good one! More from Driven, and other local events, soon!


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