Sriracha: Week 2

Mario is not wasting time with Sriracha. ill.motion’s Sunday School (August 14th) has been set as the deadline for the first round of modifications to be completed and he’s off to a good start to say the least. As shown in Sriracha’s introductory post, some small parts were installed while the car was still on the dealer’s lot; and that evening Mario placed orders for several more after loading a new tune! The next day Kanji covered the front of the car in paint protection film, and last Saturday the stereo was upgraded. Tuesday Mario sent me a text saying he’d be throwing a couple more small parts on the car that evening, so I stopped by to hang out and lend a hand.

Sriracha updates 1

When I arrived he had the wing off to start on the first install – Boomba wing risers. For both the FiSTs and FoSTs, a set of wing risers make a huge difference and as mods go they’re fairly inexpensive too.

Sriracha updates 2

They weren’t the only Boomba parts he received though, as he had also bought transmission bracket and shifter bracket bushings.

Sriracha updates 3

It was also a perfect time to finish his new officialTHREETWENTY banner so I brought the second layer with me. Together we came up with a new design, the first cut of which Sriracha now wears. ‘official’ was written in Japanese and THREETWENTY became 202020 (Think Four-Six Customs and their 6666 logo. See it now?).

Sriracha updates 4

Back to the wing risers; after some quick test fitting to ensure all the brackets were aligned properly, they were fully tightened down and then the wing was reattached to the hatch.

Sriracha updates 5

Mario had also wanted some brighter reverse lights, and I happened to have my old projector LED lights left over following my switch to full LED tail lights. These were one of my favourite changes to the sedan as they made a huge difference.

Sriracha updates 6

You can see the projector LED sitting in the housing, on the left. Next up will be some stealth turn signal bulbs, a set of which I also have left over from my stock tail lights. Convenient!

Sriracha updates 7

By this point we had also installed the shifter bracket bushings, which I didn’t photograph. The difference doesn’t seem to be as pronounced as in the Focus, as the Fiesta only has two bushings, but it is still noticeable. With the few little parts taken care of (we opted to keep the transmission bracket bushings for another day) it was time to give the car a quick clean in preparation for the banner.

Sriracha updates 8

From this angle you can really see the wing risers!

Sriracha updates 9

All clean!

Sriracha updates 12

Mario requested Sparkle Purple and Silver for his new banner, a combination that works pretty well against the orange paint.

Sriracha updates 11

A different angle of the raised wing. The risers are definitely a worthwhile addition for the FiSTs; they kick the wing up just enough to add some aggression without going overboard.

Sriracha updates 10

It’s fun to get some little changes carried out and see the car start to look a little different, as we wait for larger pieces to arrive. As mentioned Sunday School is our deadline to have everything for the first ‘stage’ installed, so expect more updates on the little ST over the next couple of months! One thing is for sure, it still needs an altitude adjustment but of course that’s coming too. For a car that was just over a week old when these photos were taken, it’s progressing pretty well!


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