Welcome to Calgary, RS

My social media feeds are full of RS sightings at the moment as the first cars are starting to appear at dealerships around Canada and the USA*. This week Calgary received its first examples as well, both of which (a.k.a. the ones that I know of) happen to be finished in the beautiful Nitrous Blue quad-coat.

Yesterday I found out that one was sitting down at Metro Ford so I immediately made my way over with my camera to go check it out, and gather some photos and video footage (scroll to the bottom for that!).

*Edit – ironically as I was typing this post up, I even saw a sponsored ad from Metro Ford on my Facebook feed announcing that this car had arrived! Go figure.

Focus RS 6

Upon my arrival I asked a friend of mine at the dealership if he knew where it was sitting and he directed me to the back lot, where it was mixed in with a number of F-150s.

Focus RS 1Focus RS 8

Having just been delivered, all of the protective wraps were still applied and it was still dirty from transport. Did I mind though? Not at all.

Focus RS 2Focus RS 3Focus RS 4

I ended up spending a fair bit of time just doing laps around the car, looking at all of the little details and studying it to find anything that I hadn’t noticed before in photos.

Focus RS 5

Since the car was sold it was locked, so I couldn’t get a proper photo of the interior. I only have a couple of snapshots of it instead which I hope will suffice.

Focus RS 13

This photo actually really confused me upon my review of it, when I saw the reflection of the RS in its own window (look to the left of the signature). It took me a minute to figure out that it was the reflection of the RS in the F150, reflected again in the window! RS-ception, as Brian put it.

Focus RS 7

The RS is by no means an inexpensive car, coming in at over $50,000 here in Canada. Do I think that’s fair though for what the car should deliver in terms of performance and features? Absolutely. Am I also a bit biased and overly excited about the RS? Probably. Will I apologize for that? Nope.

Focus RS 9

Oddly enough I am not a fan of the 15+ hatchback tail lights except for on the RS. Though the gas door no longer lining up still bothers my OCD. Haha

Focus RS 10

The indented RS logos on the wing were covered in the protective wrap but still visible through it which made for what I think is a neat shot. These were inspired by the Ferrari F40 and the logo on its own rear wing, but coincidentally I saw some at Cars and Coffee last night at which point I discovered that they only had a logo on one side of the wing, not both. The more you know…

Focus RS 11Focus RS 12

One random detail I noticed (and even pointed out in the video) was the updated door handles. The pre-facelift Foci equipped with the proximity keys have a black sensor on the door handles, whereas the RS (and I’m assuming all 15+ Foci with it) has a solid-coloured handle instead with just this little indent. This certainly looks a lot cleaner.

Focus RS 14

So what do you guys think of the RS? I’m glad that I was able to swing by Metro yesterday to see a production car in person and have it in front of my camera. I don’t personally know anyone here in town who has ordered an RS but I hope we’ll be seeing them on the roads and perhaps at some meets before too long!

As mentioned above, along with the photos I also captured a little bit of video footage. Please hit the play button if you’re interested in checking it out and if you do, I hope you enjoy! The YouTube channel isn’t the busiest on the interwebs but I’m trying to put together some content worth watching so please let me know if there’s anything specific you’d like to see!

That being said I did also do some filming at Cars and Coffee last night, and included the three F40s that we saw! Stay tuned for that.


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