Swapping Mustard – Part 1

Today’s post is a super quick one, just to let you all know that the first bit of content regarding Mustard’s ST drive train conversion has gone up, over on the YouTube channel. This video was shot just before we tore the sedan down and takes a look at the remains of Ketchup, as well as offers a bit more information regarding the whole series of events for those who want to know more or were unaware of some of the details.

Of course there are many photos documenting the swap which will be shared on Project ST as well as here, so stay tuned for those as well as some more video footage. There’s a lot to go through so it’s time that we started sharing some of what we captured during that crazy two-week period. We won’t be able to share everything about the conversion (we have to keep some of the process a secret) so apologies to those who were hoping for a step-by-step guide, but hopefully you all enjoy following along with the project and seeing some of what went into combining Ketchup and Mustard to make a true ST sedan.


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