LOWCALS Summer Send-Off

Well, I now know how long a title can be before the site cuts part of it off. The official name for this meet was the September Sunny Sunday Summer Send-Off, but that didn’t fit thus it was shortened to the Summer Send-Off for the sake of space.

The Summer Send-Off was a meet – a relatively short notice one at that – that LOWCALS hosted over the weekend to get people together while it’s still possible to. It won’t be long now before (I’m going to say it, I’m sorry!) cars will start going into either winter mode or winter storage, so more meets and gatherings are certainly welcome as far as I’m concerned. I’m trying to fit in as many as possible so when the invite came to me on Facebook I was happy to add it to my calendar.

The meet itself was hosted in Quarry Park, across the street from where the Cars and Coffee events were held as well as the annual Park and Polish show which incidentally is this coming weekend! It ended up not being the sunniest or warmest of days when it was time to head over to the lot, but the sun did peek out from behind the clouds now and then and the temperature did rise a couple of times too.

The meet was scheduled to run until 5, giving plenty of time to hang out with friends and check out the cars. I ended up leaving a bit early but enjoyed the time there and now can’t wait to return to the business park in a few days’ time for Park and Polish 2016.

On to the photos!

LOWCALS meet 1LOWCALs meet 2

One of the first cars to really steal our attention was this R32, thanks to the crazy purple colour it was wearing. Matching the intercooler and wheels was a nice touch!

LOWCALS meet 3

I spy some pretty heat discolouration!

LOWCALS meet 5


LOWCALS meet 6LOWCALS meet 7LOWCALS meet 9

Jimmy’s E46 was looking good as usual. I like how the interior shows the car means business yet remains civilized and complete.

LOWCALS meet 10LOWCALS meet 11

Some of LOWCALS’ cars, of course.

LOWCALS meet 12LOWCALS meet 13

I brought out the Focus naturally, and my mother even attended with her Thunderbird.

LOWCALS meet 15LOWCALS meet 16LOWCALS meet 20

One car I made sure to spend some time looking over was Josh’s EG. It debuted at Sunday School but I didn’t get much of a look at it then so I had been awaiting another chance to. This was a ground-up build that had been in the makings for a couple of years and houses nothing but high-quality parts. ‘Modified’ is not the right word to describe this car – ‘Restomod’ is.

LOWCALS meet 8LOWCALS meet 17

Giuseppe’s R32, a car the internet knows well I believe. Haha

LOWCALS meet 18LOWCALS meet 19LOWCALS meet 21 vertical

The combination of Jimmy’s son staring at his M3, while also wearing a Lonely Driver hoodie, made for what is absolutely my favourite shot of the day. I even edited two copies – this portrait version, and a landscape to work for the title of this post. Gearhead in the making, here.

LOWCALS meet 22LOWCALS meet 23LOWCALS meet 25LOWCALS meet 14

Back to LOWCALS with Charles’ and Brad’s cars – the R33 imagined in two ways.

LOWCALS meet 26

Laugh all you want (and make all the memes you want) about how happy the first-gen Miata always looks; I think it’s awesome how Stan took it a step further with a tongue – and now some eyes – for his.

LOWCALS meet 27

It’s cool to see some proper bugeye STIs showing up here and there. Thank you Canadian import laws!

LOWCALS meet 28LOWCALS meet 29

BRZs done two ways as well – stock bodied and Rocket Bunnied. Upon reviewing this shot I also had a chuckle about the shadow Levi’s wing was casting. There’s no missing that thing!

LOWCALS meet 24LOWCALS meet 30

I always enjoy seeing relatively uncommon platforms out at gatherings, and I think it’s fair to say both this Prelude and Eclipse fell into that category. I’ve always liked the body style of both of these and wish that more would appear at shows and events.

LOWCALS meet 31

I didn’t get a shot prior to its departure but at least I was able to grab one of this Harlequin-styled Mk4 Jetta as it was leaving the lot. It’s always fun to hear reactions from people who don’t ‘understand’ the look.

LOWCALS meet 33

David’s S15 has been moving along at a pretty good pace with new canards, a splitter, banner, and side diffusers among other changes. I see a turbo is next too!

LOWCALS meet 34LOWCALS meet 35

Partway through the meet this little monster truck started ripping around and it reminded us that we need to get ours out again. Everyone and their dog brought these out to meets a few years back and then they more or less disappeared. The weekly R/C drifting sessions were a fun addition to the car meets at Chinook.

LOWCALS meet 36LOWCALS meet 37LOWCALS meet 38

Bagged Mk6 with what looked to be millimeter-perfect fitment in the rear.

LOWCALS meet 39LOWCALS meet 40

Come to think of it, I should have done a count of RHD vs LHD cars at the meet. Even by Canadian standards there seemed to be a ton of right-hand drive vehicles present.

LOWCALS meet 41

I’ve seen this DA around at a few meets here and there but don’t know who owns it. It looks to be well-built with some quality parts – check out the Spoon calipers hiding behind those TEs!

LOWCALS meet 42LOWCALS meet 44

Naturally many Skylines end up wearing F&F-inspired plates but this was a new one. Kudos to the owner for going a slightly different route with his reference!

That’s it for the photo coverage of the meet today, but I also captured a few clips here and there for a quick video compilation which has been posted on the YouTube channel. The video side of this site is something I still want to work on and hope to continue improving as time goes on, but I’ve been getting some good feedback on these initial clips of the local happenings and hope you all enjoy this one too! It somewhat overlaps with the photos but hopefully helps out in showcasing our local scene to the larger automotive community, and that’s a large part of what this site was created for in the first place.

LOWCALS meet 32

Thanks for reading (and viewing), and have a good one!


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