2016 Menace Season Ender

There’s no denying that it’s that time of year again; our local events are winding down and mother nature is providing regular reminders that you-know-what is coming. This summer seemed to absolutely fly by with how much went on and now we’re all left wondering how it’s October already.

Last Wednesday it was the Menace meets’ turn to have their season ender and so we made our way over to the usual parking lot to enjoy the last official gathering following an awesome season of them. The Menace meets have been a great way to spend our Wednesday evenings this year and I was certainly able to meet a lot of new people and see plenty of cool vehicles over the last few months thanks to them. Now because this wasn’t the final meet but rather the final organized meet, I intend to continue going to the lot as the weather allows and I hope to see more people out doing the same! If the weather is nice, seize the opportunity I say!

I didn’t take an enormous amount of photos at the meet last week but here’s my contribution to the collection of photographs documenting the night. I had a good time hanging out with everyone and seeing the cars, and was even asked to sign a decal and an iPhone (!) during my time there as well which was something new for me.

Anyway, let’s move on to the photos from the night! I apologize for the slight delay in posting these but the last few days I was too busy taking photos to edit any – if you follow the blog’s Instagram (officialthreetwenty) you’ll have seen some of what went on since last Wednesday and if you don’t, just wait for something completely unexpected…


Let’s kick things off with this – I didn’t expect to see him there but Kyle showed up in his new E30 daily/beater. I tried my best to convince him to Rocket Bunny it, but no dice (yet).


Jose’s Miata, now with tongue and teeth.


With how late we are in the year, it wasn’t long before it started getting dark out. It’s easy to get confused about the time and believe it’s much later at night than it really is – at least I find myself doing that sometimes.


Since this was a special night the meet really filled up the lot. Around the corner I spotted Aldo’s AP1 hiding with a few other vehicles. It may have a GT wing but I think his car still maintains a really classy appearance despite the added aggression.


This S15’s fitment is seriously among the best I’ve ever seen.


Ducktails, flares, cages, 90’s Nissans – same same but different.


Justin’s Prius, being illuminated courtesy of a car parked across from it. Air ride and a chassis-mounted GT wing on a platform that people here really don’t touch; he does his own thing!


I ran into Dom at the meet which gave me the chance to grab this photo to highlight something which I believe I haven’t yet; in preparation for Sunday School back in August Dom fitted OEM ST side skirts which he received from Ketchup and painted himself. It’s a subtle change given that his car is Tuxedo Black but subtle changes add up!


Oh look, S13….


Despite the size of the lot many ended up parking in the aisles, wherever there was room – can’t blame them!


David’s S15, now with moar wing and his old Koenigs. I rather like how this shot turned out and it’s not just because of the subject matter. Haha


Last but not least is Jason’s BRZ with its new Victory Function fenders – I was unsure when they originally came out but I’ve warmed to the styling of them. They really show off a lot of tire with that massive cutout!

So there it is, my little look at the Menace season ender. With this quick post up now I’ll carry on with editing the rest of the photos from the last week so that I can hopefully get them all live before long – as well, I intend to make my way over to the Menace meet again tonight; despite the season coming to an end and events wrapping up, we’re not out of things to do just yet!


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