Menace Season Ender: Tomorrow!

First off, apologies for the lack of activity on the site! Since the last post work has been keeping me busy and it was also my birthday a few days ago so I spent some time with friends and family.


I wanted to get this quick post up today though to share the few images that I captured at last week’s Menace meet – I had gone to Cars and Coffee as well but there were literally four of us so I have no coverage from that – which would also go along well with a quick announcement regarding tomorrow’s event.


Tomorrow’s will be the last organized Menace meet of 2016, starting slightly earlier at the usual place; 7 to 9 PM at 723 46th Ave SE. The usual rules apply of course, to hopefully allow us to continue having meets like these in years to come. Don’t litter, don’t hoon, and basically just be respectful to the businesses whose lot it is and appreciate the fact that we have been given access to it.


It’s safe to assume that people will continue to make their way to the location in the following weeks as weather allows so we can hopefully have more good turnouts before the season truly ends, but as this will be the last official meet it’ll hopefully see an even better assortment of vehicles than we are usually presented with on Wednesdays.


I for one have certainly enjoyed the Menace meets this year and want to extend a big thank-you to everyone involved for making them happen. After the Beyond meets had to be shut down a couple of years ago it was nice to have something similar added to the calendar.


With that said, here’s hoping the weather tomorrow cooperates with us and we can get a great turnout at the meet! I’ll be there and look forward to seeing who and what shows up!


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