Project ST: Sriracha’s Introduction

For newer readers or those who missed the original announcement, Sriracha and Mustard are the newest fifteen52 Project ST cars and will be featured over on fifteen52’s Project ST website! Mario and I were originally given this opportunity for Ketchup and Mustard, but following the collision the announcement was postponed until the dust settled and Mario had picked up the Fiesta.


Now that SEMA has wrapped up the next post has gone live over on Project ST, which properly introduces Sriracha and takes a look at the power-adders it received as well as a few other pieces. Following articles will cover the rest of the modifications that were fitted to it in preparation for Sunday School, as well as Mustard’s conversion which I know plenty of people have been waiting for!

Mario and I are honoured to have been given this opportunity and we hope you enjoy all of the articles as they go live on Project ST. A thank you goes again to the team at fifteen52 for this, and for their assistance with our cars. Click the link below to head on over to their site and read the first entry on the Fiesta! I intend to alternate between the two cars for the posts recapping this season’s work, so next up will be the teardown of Mustard.


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