The Cinemotive Media Focus ST

One thing that I always enjoy in regards to running this site is hearing from those who visit it. Whether it’s in person at an event or through messages online, it’s great to receive real feedback on what goes live here and meet new people because of it. Looking at the statistics gives me insight too of course, but hearing from real people means so much more than numbers on a page.

Nearly a week ago now I published a post taking a look at some of the Fords of SEMA 2016 – thanks again to Colin and Tyler for providing the photos for that one! Not too long after that post went live, an email landed in my inbox from Warren Shim-Quee of Cinemotive Media. One of the Foci that was highlighted in that post was Cinemotive Media’s ST and as it happened, they saw it and immediately got in touch.

I wasn’t entirely sure what the message would contain but upon opening it I was excited to find that Warren had sent over a selection of images of the car at SEMA, which I was ecstatic about as – and I even mentioned it in the original post – their ST was one of my favourites from this year’s show but I had only been able to get one image of it. Thanks to Warren I suddenly had additional photos showing off the car and that is what you’ll be seeing in this post today.

Before that though, there was one other aspect of this that I wanted to touch on. I’m curious if anyone reading this saw the name Warren Shim-Quee and immediately thought of a particular gold EK Civic hatchback from several years ago; I did, and had to ask if I was talking to the same Warren – sure enough I was, he explained! It was an incredible build from years ago and one I remembered well; I thought it was pretty cool that years later I was talking directly to the builder of it because he had noticed an article on my site.

Getting back to the ST itself now, I discussed its modifications in the SEMA post but I’ll relist them here to accompany the photos. I want to say thank you again to Warren for sending over these pictures, and I hope you all enjoy this second (and much better) look at the Cinemotive Media Focus ST!


EXTERIOR: SS Tuning (widebody, front lip, side splitters, diffuser); Axalta paint

INTERIOR: SS Tuning (steering wheel, shift knob); Scosche audio

ENGINE/TRANSMISSION: Mountune MR300 performance upgrade

SUSPENSION/BRAKES: BC Racing coilovers; Baer brakes (6-piston calipers, 13″ rotors); Cinemotive Garage rear camber arms

WHEELS/TIRES: ADV.1 ADV10R Track Spec CS series wheels (18×10″); Falken Azenis RT615K tires; ADV.1 titanium lug nuts



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