Relish, Anyone?

In case it wasn’t obvious, we like brightly-coloured cars. With Mustard, Sriracha, and Ketchup being the really vibrant ones, and even cars like Brian’s Titanium being a more potent shade of blue as opposed to a subdued one, it should be no surprise that a lot of us tend to gravitate towards paint colours that stand out a bit.

We are fortunate that automakers today (in many cases anyway) are actually being pretty bold with their offerings too, and while new car lots are not quite a rainbow of colours, with a little bit of searching you can find something that’s not a shade of white or black.

Yes, we drive Fords so note that we will have a bit of bias towards the brand, but there’s no denying that they have been quite good about offering a varied range of colours across many of their models. The Mk3 Foci especially have seen many distinctive paint choices offered, be it Tangerine Scream or (*cough* the highly-underrated *cough*) Frosted Glass, and despite the platform now being in its 7th year of production in North America, Ford is still mixing things up with new shades that are impossible to miss.

All of this is a lead-in to say that for the 2018 model year Ford added one shade in particular which some of us were very keen to see in person, and recently I had the opportunity to finally check it out for myself. Of course I grabbed the camera to grab a few quick photos as well.

Outrageous Green 1

And this would be it; Outrageous Green Metallic. Offered on both hatches and sedans, it’s available on the SE, SEL, and Titanium trim levels as a $500 option; I’d say it’d be a good box to tick on the order sheet.

Outrageous Green 2

Not only is it something different and distinctive, but this would be perfect as a new member for Team Condiments! I realize of course that Fiestas have had green as a colour choice, but now Foci get to join in too.

Outrageous Green 4

Being such a bold – and surely polarizing – shade, it’s understandable that there aren’t a ton of these floating around. I was waiting for one to arrive for a little while, and this was the first and only example I’d found out about in the city which is why I didn’t pop down to Advantage Ford as per usual for these photos. In case you didn’t spot the dealer plate or the mother-of-all dealer emblems (seriously, look at the size of that thing!) this car was – and actually still is, I believe – sitting at Universal Ford instead.

Outrageous Green 3

Back to the car itself, I made sure to grab a shot of the window sticker for reference. The MSRP for this SE hatch was a hair over $25,000; considering that it’s a hatch and there are more standard features now than there were in 2011, prices don’t seem to have really changed for Mk3s since their introduction here. As a side note, the only way to get a manual transmission in a Mk3 now without going for an ST or RS is to opt for either an S sedan, or bare-bones SE sedan (you literally can’t even option fog lights without having to also spec the DCT). Insert sad face here. Seinfeld comes to mind now – no manual for you!

Outrageous Green 5

But back to the car, and paint, itself; what do you think of the new shade? I have yet to see anyone modify an Outrageous Green car, understandably, but I’m really hoping that some enthusiasts pick these up and get to work as there’s some real potential here!

And if anyone local wants to build up one of these, get in touch – we could use a Relish on the team. Haha


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