Sunday School 2018 – Part 4

Today’s post will be the conclusion to our Sunday School coverage this year; we’ve had plenty of amazing feedback on the first three parts, so thank you all for that! Hopefully you all enjoy Part 4 as well, which starts off with the rest of Legit.Society’s cars as promised…

iMSS 2018 152

It’s well known that the FR-S/BRZ platform has no shortage of great aero options, but Evo Xs certainly have a lot out there as well; check out the Varis/Chargespeed combo on the silver example here, and how drastically it changed the look as compared to the white X.

iMSS 2018 153

I’d seen it at Driven Calgary of course, but that was indoors; the wrap on this Evo really popped outside.

iMSS 2018 180

The hood was also more open this time around, showing off the ample amount of carbon fiber in the bay. The charge pipe that runs atop the engine has always been a unique feature of these cars but it certainly works well as canvas for some cool finishes since it’s so prominent.

iMSS 2018 154

Am I correct in saying that every X in this lineup was either wingless, or had a massive GT wing? There was no middle ground. Haha

iMSS 2018 156iMSS 2018 155

With this X I was mainly drawn to the engine bay because of yet more ARC goodness! I’m a sucker for their induction boxes especially.

iMSS 2018 157

This Voltex-kitted Evo 9 is a build that I wish I knew more about. Very aggressive but not overdone; just right.

iMSS 2018 158

Jeep. Satin blue. Bumpers, winch, wheels. That’s all I know really, sorry; I’m almost as useless with these as I am with bikes. Haha

iMSS 2018 173iMSS 2018 159

Granted it’s not the best angle for showing it off, but you can at least get a glimpse of the tidy air install in the back of this MkIV R32 from Danny’s group. I miss having a bagged car around; it’s a lot of fun.

iMSS 2018 160

Also showing with them was this MkIV Jetta which always gets my attention. It’s a really complete build and the tan interior (which ties in with the wheels) is amazing.

iMSS 2018 161

This STI…oh man. This was a standout of the event for me. It had a real presence and everything flowed together extremely well. Also note, under the hood, a build book! It’s awesome to see a few more owners/builders displaying some information at shows.

iMSS 2018 162

I didn’t take a ton of interior shots at Sunday School but this was one I couldn’t pass up. It was a bit of a throwback with all of the auxiliary gauges mounted on the dash and especially in the glovebox, and was a super clean setup. Also, spy the sneaky little air suspension controller….

iMSS 2018 163iMSS 2018 170

…which explains the insane fitment that it had. All around, a really impressive car.

iMSS 2018 164

Jason’s Varis/Aimgain BRZ, still looking amazing in its new wrap. I wonder if/when he’ll change it up again? I suspect it’ll be hard to top this.

iMSS 2018 165iMSS 2018 166

This widebody AE86 was housing an F-series swap, something that always looks amazingly at home in the bays of these. One thing that really stood out to me – and was a cool little detail – was the Mugen filter; just a reminder of what brand’s motor was now powering this thing.

iMSS 2018 167

I’d promised back in Part 1 that there’d be more photos of this S13 in the coverage, and here they are! This was another clear standout for me this year; the stance, parts selection, colours – all of it ticked the boxes for me. I also understand that it’s the only Rocket Bunny V2-kitted S13 coupe?

iMSS 2018 168

The interior might have been my favourite part of it though, with the clean gauge setup (complete with Racepak), bolt-in cage, and Brides. Also note how the centering marker on the steering wheel was actually made up of three stripes, in the GReddy colours – given it was a GReddy wheel I’m sure it came that way but regardless it was a wicked touch.

iMSS 2018 171iMSS 2018 169

A shot from the rear now, showing the classic bumper-less setup. It still impresses me how well that works; the same can’t be said for all cars (doesn’t look so good on a Focus…trust me).

iMSS 2018 172

I’m pretty sure that nearly every time we’re at an event together, I grab at least one over-the-shoulder shot of Mario taking a photo. It’s fun, and makes for some cool shots I think.

iMSS 2018 176

And since we were back at Terence’s car anyway, a quick close-up of the K20. That wrinkle red was a perfect contrast to the paint.

iMSS 2018 174

I don’t believe that I’d seen this combo before; Aimgain flares with the TRD lip. The lines worked well together especially with little shared elements like the “fins” behind the front wheels, and beside the bumper lights. Well done.

iMSS 2018 175iMSS 2018 177

Super clean (and straight, look at the reflections in the black!) 240 coupe, slammed down on some big Work VS-KFs; no it’s not a sedan but with the tint as well there was almost a hint of VIP to this one.

iMSS 2018 178

Close-up of Lanny’s fitment on his S4. Perfection.

iMSS 2018 179iMSS 2018 197iMSS 2018 198


iMSS 2018 181iMSS 2018 182

I applaud the effort it must take to keep a set of wheels looking like this. I also really like how Shutterbug is visible in the lug nuts here. Haha

But seriously though, that shine; it was practically a mirror….

iMSS 2018 183

…just like the parking booth next to us! Sorry, I had nothing else with which to lead into this caption. Carrying on…

iMSS 2018 184

It was seen in Part 2 but the photo was from the back, so here’s another of Trunger’s sinister AP2. I like the subtle little fender flares that he’s used; they add just enough to the fenders to keep them from looking too plain in comparison to the rest of the aero.

iMSS 2018 185

With the crowds and me having my telephoto on I wasn’t able to get a full shot of the two NSXs parked together but I was able to at least get this, of the two back ends. You can see the lineage but also the obvious evolution here which is cool.

iMSS 2018 211iMSS 2018 186

One thing on my to-do list at iMSS was to make up for my Driven Derp by grabbing more than one photo of the Kamikaze GT-R this time around! This kit is mental in person, and the rear flares were even molded to the body!

iMSS 2018 187

Carbon, carbon and more carbon; vents, vents, and more vents.

iMSS 2018 188

And then as icing on the cake – the car sat on carbon-spoked Advans from Bulletproof! It was such an amazing detail, and (of course) had been carried out flawlessly. Check out how the blue perfectly faded into the CF.

iMSS 2018 190

Simon’s FR-S is silly high mileage for its age, something I didn’t know (but which I fully believe based on how it’s always on the go) until I read Jason’s caption for it. The new livery was a wicked touch; and it’s awesome to see liveries on street cars as well back to being “accepted” these days.

iMSS 2018 189iMSS 2018 191

Brian and I had a chuckle at the sight of this RC’s owner testing its flex. I believe he was trying to get the wheel just above the brace, if I recall, without tipping the thing over.

As a side note, remember when we all picked up RC drift cars, spent way too much money on them for an entire summer, and then put them away to do nothing but collect dust since? Great financial decision, right guys? Haha. We should get them back out and sliding around again.

iMSS 2018 192iMSS 2018 193

A nice example to represent the not-seen-enough TSX chassis. The platform appears to be fairly versatile in that you can seemingly just as easily go luxury or race-themed with the build and it still looks appropriate.

iMSS 2018 195

I’m sure I wasn’t the only one being drawn back to this pair during the event. I like how they were very much opposites in multiple ways – pick which one you prefer; green vs red, Lambo vs Ferrari, new vs old, stock vs modified, automated vs manual, etc etc.

iMSS 2018 201

One thing I saved for this final post were a few more photos of our group’s cars that I took throughout the day. Of course, I always try to get some half-decent shots for the gang as a small thanks for taking part and representing the site. It may not be much but at least everyone can have another photo or two to remember the day by.

iMSS 2018 207

Derrick’s LS probably looks the best it ever has now; with the Tarmacs and black/white scheme, the new matte-on-gloss black banner was a perfect finishing touch. The old white and red banner didn’t really tie in any more.

iMSS 2018 202iMSS 2018 212

Shutterbug looking worried, as always. It unfortunately didn’t get quite as much use this year as it did last season, but it was still being driven as the weather allowed and even rolled over 94,000 km. 95 will have to wait for 2019 now though, as Mother Nature is currently giving us the hint that it may be time to put it away…

iMSS 2018 203iMSS 2018 204

I suppose we’ll have to exclusively refer to Brandon’s car as Mayo now; following Sunday School he retired the Yeti theme by removing the centercap decals and even updating his license plate. He had fun with it, but it’s time for something new. Panda, perhaps?

iMSS 2018 205

Of all of our cars, I think I photographed Sriracha the most given that it was our main project this year. I still can’t get over how good it looks with the flares and vents; and there’s still some more aero to come! It’s already stupid fast so now Mario’s really making it look the part. One thing that surprises me though is how quiet it is, for what it is; we took a day trip to Canmore recently and it’s extremely civilized inside.

iMSS 2018 206

Brian’s Titanium has already seen one more update following Sunday School; recently he and I fitted some new Black Cat Custom gauge faces (late at night, of course. This is us after all, the ones who installed his Recaros in my driveway at 3AM) so we’ll have to take a look at those a little later on. We just need to source a lip for this thing and it’ll be a pretty well-rounded build.

iMSS 2018 210

One sneaky (and brilliant) little modification that Brian showed off at the show had to do with the car’s rear lighting. Mk3 sedan owners may spot what’s “wrong” in this photo; from factory, the outer clear portions of the tail lights are turn signals and the inners are reverse lights. Brian, being our resident electrical geek, changed it up so that now both sections serve double duty, acting together as either turn signals or reverse lights as needed. This is how it should have been from factory! Oh, and he also fitted strobes for fun at shows.

iMSS 2018 208

Mustard and Sriracha, and the last time they were Turbomac buddies. From this angle, note how Sriracha’s flares almost blend in to the stock bodywork too.

iMSS 2018 194

All good things must come to an end and before long, it was time to announce the winners of this year’s Honour Roll. This trophies were – no surprise – amazing once again, being brakes this time around after being shaped as steering wheels (2017) and wheels (2016, when we won) previously.

iMSS 2018 196

With the crowds I didn’t have a great angle on the awards being handed out but did manage to at least grab this one of Terence receiving his – well deserved, of course. When we saw it we knew immediately that his EK would be a winner that day.

iMSS 2018 199iMSS 2018 200

When the show then officially wrapped a friendly reminder was made to not act like 16-year-olds with new licenses and leave maturely, so that we could have the chance of returning to the new venue next year. For the most part people followed this and many would give little, but appropriate, presses of the throttle when leaving so it still made the roll-out really fun to watch. Brandon and I popped across the street for a clearer view of cars leaving, but my batteries were basically at their end by this point so I only grabbed a couple of shots worth sharing before we too got in our cars and headed out.

From there we all convoyed back to my house, dropped off some of the cars, and then carpooled over to a local restaurant for a celebratory dinner. Another successful Sunday School, and with the smoke in the air none of us walked away with a sunburn! I’m pretty sure that’s only the second time we’ve ever managed that. Go us.


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