Driven Calgary 2019 – Part 3

Alrighty – let’s get this wrapped up! Despite the weather ending up being pretty nice tonight (following a fairly heavy rainstorm earlier) I’m actually staying in to get through some work including orders, editing, and this long-overdue conclusion to Driven! When was the last time that this site actually kept a consistently quick turnaround on all of its posts? Haha

Anyway, as per my usual habit at events once the main round of photos has been completed I always like to go back and grab some detail shots here and there as well so along with a few more vehicles that have yet to be seen in the 2019 coverage, today’s post will also have some of the close-up/detail photos to round things out. Let’s get to it!

Driven 2019 65

Sitting near the R334 seen in the last post was this R32 on some seriously aggressive (and quirky) wheels – 4 spokes likely aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but I really liked the look! Incidentally, check out the insane amount of concave on the rear wheel. I can’t place the exact model of these however, so perhaps someone can chime in, in the comments.

Driven 2019 85Driven 2019 67

I doubt I’d ever take on a build utilizing camber like this, but I admire the precision required to achieve such fitment. This is a case of mere millimeters making all the difference.

Driven 2019 71Driven 2019 68

Jason’s always clean Varis/Aimgain BRZ; this is still one of the best hybrid aero packages I’ve ever seen for these cars. The swan neck was a new addition though, I believe. And in case it wasn’t obvious, the bay shot prior was from a Skyline and not the BRZ…an RB26 BRZ would be pretty sweet though, however…

Driven 2019 74Driven 2019 69

The Spoon livery-wearing Integra which was alluded to in Part 1; this look will never not work.

Driven 2019 70Driven 2019 72

Haute AG’s LS 911; does this cause more upset in Porsche circles than an LS FD does in RX-7 circles? Surely there are some (many) who would take offense to this. I’m too busy being amazed that it actually fit, to be upset!

Driven 2019 73

One of the Emitz from the slammed 7 series…and I thought that the Integrales were hard to clean. Haha

Driven 2019 75Driven 2019 77Driven 2019 78

ZR Auto always has some crazy stuff and this year was no exception – also in their booth sat a Fab Design widebody SL55 but I was more drawn to this; a McLaren 650S (also with a Fab Design widebody) putting out 800 horsepower and sitting on massive 20s (10″ wide up front and a full foot wide out back) all around.

Driven 2019 76Driven 2019 79

This ’70 Datsun 510 certainly earned the classification of being a proper restomod; along with an SR20DET swap and many upgrades on top, the shell had been full stripped and recoated (to fight corrosion) prior to a full respray in GM’s Black-Silver Metallic. It was a super tidy build and even had a build book for those wanting to know more, something I always like to see.

Driven 2019 87Driven 2019 84

I wonder how long this would last in Vancouver before being handed a VI and being towed? Hopefully the shift knob/handle (whatever you’d call the R35’s piece) is stock.

Driven 2019 80

This was a shot I’d promised in Part 2, and wasn’t going to skip – the engine and bay of the white Mk3 Supra shown. Now you can surely understand why we were so shocked when we walked around front and saw under the hood; this was not only super clean in terms of presentation, but in terms of literal cleanliness too! Look at the shine on all of the polished components!

Driven 2019 81

It was chance that this happened to be the next photo in line, but it works rather nicely to highlight the changes in engine bays over the years, wouldn’t you say? Obviously the Supra’s had been tucked and shaved so it’s not apples to apples, but still. The blue and titanium accents did work well to dress it up though – work with what you have!

Driven 2019 82

A peek through the Infamous vent on Charles’ hood, revealing the RB30 beneath.

Driven 2019 83Driven 2019 66

I couldn’t pass up grabbing a shot or two of this RX-7. Another FD still rocking a rotary! The FD3S is a car that seems to be very hard to top in terms of the sheer number of directions it can be taken in, and styles that can be applied.

Driven 2019 86

As if any more proof was needed that wagons are cool. I made sure to grab a photo of this Sea Foam Green ’63 Nova before the day was out; with a wheel swap this would probably be a pretty unassuming – though very clean – cruiser but the 14″ wide rear wheels it wore perhaps ruined the sleeper element a bit. The vintage plates were the perfect finishing touch.

Driven 2019 88

And as the closing shot, one more of our little trio since – as mentioned at the start of all this – 2019 was likely the last event for both Mustard and Shutterbug at least for the foreseeable future. Perhaps my mother will enter another car next year – maybe I will too – but it has been a ton of fun participating in Driven the last several years with these and the Thunderbird and I’m thankful for the opportunities we’ve had to do so.

That said though, Driven 2020 plans will have to wait for another day. Sunday School 2019 is already just one month away and there’s a lot to sort out between now and then, including getting a certain Californian up here again for it (yes, it IS happening)! I think we’re well on our way to making 2019 our best summer yet in terms of events and projects and I cannot wait to see what the next couple of months bring, after everything that’s happened so far. Thanks for following along with our Driven coverage – as well as everything else – and be sure to check back soon for more!

Back to editing, I go.


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  • Re: LS Porsche
    Not really surprised it fits. Proof yet again that American small-block V8s are compact engines with a lot torque and hp potential.
    You may be curious to know that in the early ’80s, someone in LA built a then current 911 with a Chevy small-block that appeared in Hot Rod.

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