News: Collector Car Appreciation Day 2019

Today’s post is a super quick one, to serve as an announcement for a special event tomorrow at the Glendeer Circle A&W: Collector Car Appreciation Day 2019.

Collector Car Day 9

Two years ago Collector Car Appreciation Day was officially introduced in Alberta when our province joined the list of others recognizing this occasion. Instead of being held on a fixed date it is instead marked as the second Friday in July which is why tomorrow is the date for this year.

A&W June 28 2019 1

Once again the festivities will be held at the Glendeer Circle A&W (80 Glendeer Circle SE, Calgary) and if you’re free I’d highly recommend coming by to check it out. Being such a significant event the “show” portion of the lot will likely be full by early or mid afternoon, but it’ll still be worth wandering over to check out the vehicles and grab some food. Having the day introduced to our province was an important step for the automotive community as it helps emphasize and showcase the importance of the hobby, the lifestyle, and the vehicles, and while the majority of the cars and trucks present will likely be of the vintage American variety it ultimately doesn’t matter what you drive or prefer to work on; Collector Car Appreciation day is an important date for the community as a whole.

Domestic or import, classic or modern, stock or modified; we’re all in this together.


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