Beyond Meets – June/July 2019

With another month wrapped up (slow down please summer) it’s time for more meet photos! This time around we’ll start things off with the Beyond meets; of the three Wednesday night gatherings these are typically the smallest – hence why even though this post covers two months it’s not a lengthy one – but that’s not a bad thing. They’re relaxed, low-key, and offer a chance to quickly catch up with even more friends, whom we usually don’t see at either Wild Wednesday or Menace.

Speaking of, I’m keeping the intro quick this time around as I have a folder full of Wild Wednesday and Menace photos open on the monitor next to me which I need to carry on editing! I hope you enjoy this mini selection of pictures from a few of this summer’s Beyond meets.

Beyond 2019 10Beyond 2019 11Beyond 2019 12Beyond 2019 13Beyond 2019 1Beyond 2019 2Beyond 2019 3Beyond 2019 4Beyond 2019 5Beyond 2019 6Beyond 2019 7Beyond 2019 8Beyond 2019 9Beyond 2019 14


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