Wild Wednesdays – June/July 2019

Going back a few years now, Wednesdays saw not just Beyond meets (pre Menace days) but Wild Wednesdays as well. Held at the Grey Eagle Casino, literally hundreds of vehicles would gather each and every week and made for some truly enjoyable summer nights. They were the ultimate melting pots of automotive culture in our city, bringing together enthusiasts in everything from exotics to classic muscle cars to modified imports.

GE June 24 2015 22

2015 was the last full season of the GE meets however, as a major roadwork project in the area required – and has now taken – the land that the parking lot once occupied. Following the end of GE’s hosting of the Wild Wednesdays a few attempts were made to create a successor but they always seemed to fail to gain traction. This year however it would seem that the formula has finally been figured out.

Wild Wednesday 2019 1

The Crowfoot A&W (80 Crowfoot Way NW) is now hosting the events and the turnouts have been steady. We’ve made them a part of our Wednesday night routines, stopping at the restaurant first for some dinner before then heading off to Beyond and/or Menace after. If you’re in the area on Wednesday evenings (and even if you’re not) I’d highly recommend stopping by for some food, the chance at door prizes, the 50/50 draw, and free root beer that everyone who registers receives.

We finally have our Wild Wednesdays back; let’s keep them going strong!

Wild Wednesday 2019 2Wild Wednesday 2019 3Wild Wednesday 2019 4Wild Wednesday 2019 5Wild Wednesday 2019 6Wild Wednesday 2019 7Wild Wednesday 2019 8Wild Wednesday 2019 9Wild Wednesday 2019 10Wild Wednesday 2019 11Wild Wednesday 2019 12Wild Wednesday 2019 13Wild Wednesday 2019 14Wild Wednesday 2019 15Wild Wednesday 2019 16Wild Wednesday 2019 17Wild Wednesday 2019 18Wild Wednesday 2019 19Wild Wednesday 2019 20Wild Wednesday 2019 21Wild Wednesday 2019 22Wild Wednesday 2019 23Wild Wednesday 2019 24Wild Wednesday 2019 25Wild Wednesday 2019 26


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