Cars x Bubble Tea – August/September 2019

With the weekly gatherings continuing from years prior – Cars and Coffee, Beyond, Menace, and Cruising the Dub – plus the reincarnation of Wild Wednesdays, we had a fairly well-populated calendar this season in terms of meets. You’d think that with so many happening around the city each week, between these and the shows there wouldn’t be room for yet another, surely?

Well apparently there was; partway through the summer Jason started organizing “Cars x Bubble Tea” meets on Fridays (settling into a bi-weekly schedule, incidentally) and boy did they take off! Reportedly Jason expected only a few cars for the first round but had nearly 60 show up instead, and the turnout nearly doubled the following week! Build it and they will come, in a sense?

I’m not going to do these gatherings justice with tonight’s super quick intro (it’s almost midnight as I’m writing this and I should definitely be getting to bed instead so I’m keeping this brief) but based on just the few I got out to, I have to say they were a wicked addition to the schedule. The location – Deerfoot City – is stunning and I definitely made some mental notes of photo opportunities to hopefully follow up on at some point. Being held on Friday evenings they were a great way with which to mark the end of the week and Bubble Tea isn’t a bad way to follow-up an A&W Burger either.

Thanks goes to Jason for starting these up this year, and Chatime for supporting them with free toppings for attendees. Who knows, if the weather holds out maybe we can even squeeze in a couple more for 2019!

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