Sunday School 2019 – Part 4 (Extras)

At the start of the month when I wrapped up the main coverage from this year’s Sunday School, I had mentioned that there was an additional set of photos which I intended to publish at a slightly later date; this would be them. I unfortunately didn’t get as much time to edit and write this weekend as I’d hoped but I did manage to have this set ready as something to share with you all tonight.

Looking at these photos, the show almost feels like it was a lifetime ago when in fact it has only been 6 weeks. 2019 has been such a crazy and eventful year in terms of cars, projects, work, and life in general, that it has resulted in (for me at least) a rather skewed sense of time passing. It shows no signs of slowing either as we now head into the last quarter and – apparently – winter. Yes, we’re already getting buried under snow! I’m very much enjoying the warmth of my little home office as I type this up, watching said snow pile up outside my window.

This first round will inevitably clear up at some point but until then it’s time to bundle up and stay warm; and look back on some extra (snow-free!) photos from one of the many amazing days of the 2019 car season.

iMSS 2019 128iMSS 2019 129iMSS 2019 130iMSS 2019 131iMSS 2019 132iMSS 2019 133iMSS 2019 134iMSS 2019 135iMSS 2019 136iMSS 2019 137iMSS 2019 4iMSS 2019 16iMSS 2019 138iMSS 2019 139iMSS 2019 140iMSS 2019 141iMSS 2019 142iMSS 2019 143iMSS 2019 144iMSS 2019 145iMSS 2019 146iMSS 2019 147iMSS 2019 148iMSS 2019 149iMSS 2019 150iMSS 2019 151iMSS 2019 152iMSS 2019 153iMSS 2019 154iMSS 2019 155iMSS 2019 156iMSS 2019 157


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