2019’s Last Outing: Car People Video Shoot

Over the years this hobby slash lifestyle (slash obsession) has led to some pretty cool experiences. Let’s count this as yet another.

Via a mutual contact of ours in the local community I was put in touch with Jay Gould last summer. Jay runs The Story Foundry, a video production company, and was beginning to work on a passion project using his skillset and resources called Car People. Myself and Mustard were mentioned as possibilities for an episode in the series and happily Jay was indeed interested in setting up a date to meet, do some filming, and discuss the car itself as well as my thoughts on the larger community and lifestyle. We got each other’s contact info and kept in touch.

The brief was straightforward enough in that we’d spend a day or two filming Mustard and myself, but because of life we were only able to finally meet up and tackle the filming in mid-October. However, I’d say I’m glad that my own shoot had to be postponed as looking back it was the perfect way with which to end the 2019 car season. It had been a fantastic year with the Focus, given the car had finally reached a solid “done for now” stage and I was able to spend many happy hours with it out on the road and at various events, and the video shoot was not only a fun outing for the car but a pretty special way to spend the last couple of days with it before it then went into hibernation for the winter.

Anyway, the reason for posting this now is that the video has since gone live so I’m able to link it here and can share the few photos I grabbed while we were out filming as well. A big thank-you goes to Jay for his work on this, as well as to Bryce for getting us in touch in the first place! Here’s hoping we can see more of us “tuners” and our projects shown alongside some of the beautiful classics and antiques our city has to offer.

Car People 1Car People 2Car People 3Car People 10Car People 4Car People 9Car People 7Car People 5Car People 6Car People 8


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