Our First 2020 GT500

Regular readers may recall past mentions of a car spotting “wishlist” of sorts, of cars that I hope to be able to see – and ideally, photograph – over the course of a coming season. Last year’s list saw the McLaren Senna sitting on top and amazingly I was able to not only see one at Cars and Coffee but also spend some time admiring one at Pfaff without the crowds and chaos of an event.

So what about this year’s wishlist? It shouldn’t be a surprise that one of the cars I was wanting to see this season was the new Shelby GT500. However in this instance it wouldn’t be a case of if I saw one, but rather when. When a car carrier arrived a couple of days ago the fact that the showroom practically emptied right away as everyone ran outside to look was the sign that our first 500 had finally been delivered.

This particular example is finished in the new Ford Performance Blue, not to be mistaken with the previous Performance Blue as seen on Brian’s sedan or José’s new ST. It features options like the Technology Package and Ebony vinyl racing stripes, but was configured without the Track Pack meaning that there’s no giant wing out back and the rear seats are present. Practical, then. Without the wing one could even almost consider it to be subtle; at least until it starts up.

*I will point out that, as you’ll surely note in the photos, some of the front end’s aero is missing. It’s left off for transport and simply has yet to be fitted to the car.

My obvious bias aside, you have to admit that Ford has been bringing out some pretty impressive performance offerings in recent times. We’ve had plenty of fun with the FiST/FoST/FoRS trio, Explorer STs are proving to have insane potential as the aftermarket digs more and more into them, and now there’s a Mustang with near-on Senna horsepower. The dual-clutch being the 500’s only transmission option still seems to be a hot topic of debate but I’ll say that I understand the decision and I’m okay with it; the electronic parking brake however is something I’ll never be a fan of, in any vehicle. Haha

Anyway, before long the Mustang that had been sitting in the showroom was moved out to make way for its big bad brother – the GT500 was rolled in and set up in what will be its new home for the next little while, as the remainder of winter passes by. If you wish to check it out for yourself, head on over to Advantage and take a gander!

Now I have to wonder though, when will our other GT500s arrive?

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