Davenport Open House

As a quick post for your Saturday morning I have a set of photos I’d grabbed from what is a well-known shop in our local community, but one that I have still spent very little time at myself. I hate to say it, but in my life I’ve only been to Davenport twice. The first time wasn’t even to visit the shop, but rather to meet one of the employees and pick up pieces from a Focus he happened to be parting out on Kijiji (I remember him sending me his work address and thinking to myself that it sounded familiar). Therefore, when we got word that they were having an open house early last season we took the opportunity to stop by, cameras in hand, for a proper visit.

Ultimately we didn’t stay too long as there were more stops to make that day but the Thunderbird had a chance to stretch its legs and I was able to wander around, check out the facility and vehicles, and even hang out with Scott a bit after we bumped into each other there. There were even donuts; not a bad morning.

Davenport Open House 1Davenport Open House 2Davenport Open House 3Davenport Open House 16Davenport Open House 4Davenport Open House 5Davenport Open House 6Davenport Open House 7Davenport Open House 18Davenport Open House 8Davenport Open House 10Davenport Open House 11Davenport Open House 12Davenport Open House 13Davenport Open House 14Davenport Open House 15Davenport Open House 17Davenport Open House 9


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