Socially Responsible Micro Meet

With even moderately-sized weekly car meets being too large to safely and responsibly host this season, any gatherings are going to end up being pretty tiny but that doesn’t mean they still can’t be fun, or provide opportunities for some good photos.

Recently Yolanda, Gage and my mother all met for a quick visit at a local YMCA parking lot; while they naturally had to keep their distance from one another the cars could still be parked together for some pictures and they were able to catch up for a little bit while enjoying the nice weather.

I wasn’t at this mini meet (micro meet?) but Gage – @tangy_st on Instagram – kindly sent along a few photos that he captured of the cars together. I made no alterations aside from adding a signature for him; they’re otherwise completely untouched by me. I hope you enjoy!

Gage Focus meet 4Gage Focus meet 3

It was unplanned, but this trio also made it a fifteen52 mini meet with Yolanda’s Turbomacs, Gage’s Tarmacs, and my mother’s Integrales.

Gage Focus meet 1

A good comparison of a few of the different third-gen back ends: Mk3 NA, Mk3.5 ST, and Mk3 ST.

Gage Focus meet 2

Many people wonder how Yellow Blaze (the 2012-only colour) compares to the ST-only Tangerine scream, so here’s the perfect chance to compare. Yellow Blaze is bright and vibrant on its own but when it’s next to Tangerine Scream it looks very muted in comparison. Tangerine really packs a punch and certainly makes STs easy to spot.

Gage Focus meet 5

After visiting for a little while my mother headed home with Dijon but Gage and Yolanda stuck around a bit longer, repositioning their cars for a few more photos.

Gage Focus meet 6Gage Focus meet 8

Yolanda’s with the striped side out (remember that the other half of the car is livery-free). Note the splitters under the skirts and rear valance.

Gage Focus meet 7

Gage’s, sporting wing risers and a shark fin, with the flaps and spoke decals in red to match the calipers and ST emblems.

Gage Focus meet 9

The final shot, with the two together. Mk3.5 vs 3, flaps vs none, black Tarmacs vs white Turbomacs, etc; opposites in a number of ways!

I’d like to say thanks again to Gage for sending these along to be shared here today since I wasn’t present at the gathering to capture any of my own! Hopefully conditions allow for these “micro meets” to still happen on occasion so that we can at least see each other in person now and then and pretend that 2020 in some way resembles a normal year. Stay safe out there everyone!


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